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Yearbook Printing

A yearbook is a book that is published once a year and that contains information about the events and achievements of the previous year, usually concerning a particular place or organization. A yearbook can be student's personal statement, memoir of achievements, a record of major school's year events,etc.
If you are seeking for professional yearbook printer to print your own yearbook project, BookPrintingChina is a good choice. From paper to binding, we provide many options for you. Our experts will use their expertise to help you achieve high-quality yearbook printing step by step. Let's help you create a high quality yearbook at a more competitive price. contact us to get the cost of yearbook printing.
Something you need to know about portfolio printing:
Printing size: common size for portfolio printing are 8.5” x 11”, 6” x9”, 9” x 6”, 11” x 11”,etc. Paper options: we provide many paper options, like glossy art paper, matte art paper, uncoated paper, special paper,etc. The common paper weight for cover and inner pages, please refer here.
Binding options: wire-0/ spiral bound, perfect binding, hardcover, etc.
Artwork requirement: refer here.

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