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Xoắn ốc & Sách ràng buộc Wire-O

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Xoắn ốc & Sách ràng buộc Wire-O

Spiral &Wire-O Bound Book

How to distinguish Spiral binding and wire-o binding? Spiral binding is round holes, while wire-o binding is square holes. Usually wire-o binding use double lines, metal lines the most. When people choose single line then we will do it spiral binding.

Who like to choose spiral& wire-o binding? When people want to doing catalogue/planner/ notebook/calendar/manuals/sticker book etc. they would like to choose this binding option, because for this binding the books can be opened flat, easy for reading and writing.

For spiral binding and wire-o binding there has standard holds cut to bind. The characteristics of this binding are strong and durable, can be 180 degrees or 360 degrees turn over. To meet the needs for more people, you can choose softcover or hardcover as you like.