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Ano ang pagkakaiba sa pagitan ng puting karton at pinahiran na papel sa pag-print ng libro?

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White cardboard and coated paper are the two most used papers in kumpanya ng pag-print ng China.


White cardboard is also called single powder, coated paper is called double powder, and dumb copper is called dumb powder. White cardboard has high hardness and is suitable for single-sided printing. Compared with surface coating, coated paper is smoother and suitable for double-sided printing. So, what is the difference between the two types of paper in pagpi-print ng libro?

White card stock is a large amount of solid thick paper. In fact, it is also cardboard. The most common types of cardboard are unpigmented. It is often called white cardboard. If it is a color, it is called a color card according to the color. Also called special paper.


White cardlupon is mainly used for printing business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, calendars and postcards.


White card stock is named "white", so it needs high whiteness. The whiteness of grade A is not less than 93%, that of grade B is not less than 88%, and that of grade C is not less than 83%. If the whiteness is above 90%, it will be a little too bright.


White cardlupon also requires high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness (except for white cardlupon with embossed patterns). The surface of the paper should be flat, free of paper defects such as streaks and spots, and no warping deformation.


The single sheet of copper paper has a bright surface, uniform coating, fast ink absorption, good printability, and is suitable for fine color printing. In order to achieve the purpose of printing, the surface of the base paper is processed by the coating method, and the surface of the base paper is calendered by a super calender. The single copper Rin is called single powder, one side is smooth and the other side is rough, but it can also be printed in single color or not very fine color.


Coated paper is divided into two copper single copper, double copper 80 to 400gsm, single copper 170 to 400gsm. If it is called coated paper, it usually refers to double coated paper.


Double-sided coated paper is divided into single-sided coated paper and double-sided coated paper. According to the classification standard of the paper industry, the coating weight on each side is more than 10g/m2, which is one of the most commonly used paper types in cultural publishing, advertising design, printing and binding, industry and commerce and other industries.


There is a big difference between the two types of paper. White cardboard is strong and thick, with high breaking resistance. Among mga kumpanya sa paglilimbag ng libro sa China, it is mainly used for packaging, cards and other products. Coated paper is bright and smooth, absorbs ink quickly, and has bright color. Mainly used for book illustrations and other products.


The thickness of ordinary white cardboard is different from that of coated paper. The thickness of ordinary white cardboard is generally 0.27-0.55mm, and the thickness of ordinary coated paper is 0.06-0.46mm. Generally speaking, the thickness of white cardboard is thicker than coated paper, but the thickness of special specifications of coated paper is thicker than that of white cardboard, so you should choose the most suitable Serbisyo sa pag-print ng China ayon sa iyong mga pangangailangan.