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Ang pag-print ng kulay ay ang susi sa mahusay na pamamahala ng kulay

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The color of color printing is determined by the ink used, and the color of the printed pattern is an important indicator of product quality. How does the printed matter meet the customer's standards? What should a professional kumpanya ng pag-print ng China do, and what issues should it pay attention to? The first is to confirm what standard the color of the customer's product is. You can use a professional colorimeter to detect the standard color number of the customer's sample. The second is to find out the color composition formula based on the standard color number. Finally, the ink color is compounded according to the found color composition formula. The products printed with the well-mixed ink can reach the customer's standard.


Ang trabaho ng mga printer sa China is to simulate the effect of the proofing machine on the printing press. When the color gamut space of the two devices is different, the printing plant's work will be more difficult. Ideally, the correct step should be to debug the proofing machine according to the printing press (let the proofing machine imitate the printing machine), so that the proofs that the customer sees and signs can be obtained through the printing machine. Designers and image processors always use the monitor's screen as the main output device in their work to judge colors (however, the monitor can be arbitrarily adjusted through internal settings and contrast-contrast control). The scanning quality of the image also changes with the change of the scanner, and the scanner will also create the parameters of the scanner according to the output device. However, if one printing press is shut down and the manlilimbags sa Tsina mayroon to use another printing press, the color of the image may be affected. The main solution is to use a set of color management solutions to help obtain stable colors.


The color management software system allows users to perform color matching on different input and output devices, so that users can predict which colors cannot be accurately reproduced on some special devices, and emulate certain devices on other devices. Color reproduction to achieve accurate color reproduction. (The work included in the color management system has three steps: equipment calibration (Calibration), characterization and color conversion, collectively referred to as the 3C of the color management system)

It is mainly to ensure the authenticity, consistency and reproducibility of the color of color prints in the process of transferring and copying. Color management of color printed matter is a very critical step for color printing.