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స్టిక్కర్ ప్రింటింగ్

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స్టిక్కర్ ప్రింటింగ్

Sticker printing:sticker is also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper.

There are two types of self-adhesive labels: one is a paper-based self-adhesive label, and the other is a film-based self-adhesive label. Paper-based self-adhesive labels are mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in medium and high-grade daily chemical products. Film-based self-adhesive labels are commonly used in PE, PP, PVC and other synthetic materials. The film materials are mainly white, matt and transparent.

Material: Molded wood free paper, coated paper art paper (shading / mirror), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, polyester PET, laser paper, temperature resistant paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, thermal paper etc.