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+ 86 153 6125 1873

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బుక్‌ప్రింటింగ్ చైనా is professional China printing company which is located in China Guangdong Province. We are directly printing factory founded in 1995.With more than 20years development our factory has imported the most advanced printing equipment, such as Kodak CTP machines,German Heidelberg bisect four-color printing machines, Japanese Komori bisect four-color printing machines and Japanese Komori bisect five-color printers, for a total of 11 advanced printing machines. Our fully automatic Swiss Martini binding machine and saddle stitcher allow us to provide excellent and fast printing services for clients.We specialize in printing a wide range of products, such 

as hardcover books, soft cover books,color books,children 

పుస్తకాలు,cook books,coffee table books, board books,ల్యాప్‌టాప్,

ఫోటో books,catalog,brochure&booklet,magazine, paper box, 

paper bag, stickers, calendar, flyers,folders,and much more.

We have granted ISO9001:2008, FSC standard for Chain of custody certification that meet eco-friendly standard. Now our products export to many global countries such as USA, Australia, Canada,UK, France,Swiss,Germany, Sweden, Spain, African,  etc with high reputation. 

Our sales team are young and energetic, we will make sure you can get our instant book quote in 1-2hours with our most professional and honestly printing solutions without any hidden cost. Service is our company best advantage among other Chinese book printing companies. You will enjoy doing business with us. 

Delivery is also our highly control department. When your products come out, we will use strongest cartons and pallet to pack it. You can choose ship by air or sea at your will. Our shipping cost will save a lot for you as well. Safely, Save, On time to your door.  

BookPrintingChina have advanced book printing machines,high quality standard paper material, promptly&professional sales team, fast and stable delivery service, resonable printing price. Our rich export experience meet your custom book printing requirements very well. Our goal is to keep long term business with every clients. If you have any printing inquiry, donot hesitate to contact us by email at sales@bookprintingchina.com, we will give you instant quotation in 1-2hours. Let us get your book started now!