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Varnishing is a liquid finish applied by a printing press to seal and protect the ink on the printed surface. Varnishing is available in gloss varnishmatte varnish and spot varnish and usually matches the coating of the underlying paper. Varnishing provides excellent cover finishes for various of printed product,such as art book, manga,etc. Varnishing also can do spot varnishing, to stand out the area you want. Like below case.





The glossy varnish finishing can improve the surface gloss of the printed product, which making the book brighter and richer.


Contrary to glossy varnish, the matte varnish finishing reduces the gloss on the surface of the printed product. Which can avoid irritation in human eyes because of its excessive gloss. When using matte varnishing on the paper surface, colors and images will look a little softer, but there will be no glare making text easier to read.


The difference of varnishing and laminating


1. Varnishing is a protective finish coat used on surface paper, but lamination is a kind of thin transparent film used on the surface paper.


2. The paper with varnishing finishing is easy to tear off, but the paper with lamination finishing is not easier to tear off.


3. Varnishing can be used on cover and inner paper, but laminating is usually used on the cover.