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UV Coating

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UV Coating


UV coating is cured by passing under an ultraviolet light that quickly dries and hardens the coating, then creating a thin protection layer. UV coating is done entire area is not a specific area, that’s different from spot UV done on a certain area. UV coating often used for the book cover, cards, poster,package,etc.




UV coating VS lamination


1. UV coating use a polymer resin combined with ultraviolet light to create a thin protect layer on the printed product surface. Lamination is use a thin transparent film to create a thin protect layer on the cover surface.


2. UV coating provides a more higher vibrancy to your color and keeps your color more natural. But lamination offers a protection layer on your paper, which can extend your book life.


3. The cost of UV coating is higher than lamination.


UV coating VS varnish


1. UV coating is thicker and glossier than varnish.


2. UV coating is durable than varnish.