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What’s lamination printing


Lamination printing, also known as laminating. The process of lamination is a thin layer of transparent plastic film is used to cover surface after printing.Lamination is available in glossy lamination, soft lamination and matte lamination.



The cover surface with glossy lamination, the color will be more bright and colorful and with three-dimensional effect. Glossy lamination is more suitable for a normal printed product. Like children’s book,cookbook,etc.


The cover surface with soft touch lamination, the color looks more natural and soft.


The cover surface with matte lamination, matte lamination product will bring the high-end, elegant sense for the readers. Matte lamination is more suitable for a more premium printed product. Such as coffee table book, art book,etc. The cost of matte lamination is often higher than glossy lamination


The advantage of lamination


1. Lamination can extend the life of printed product, so that allows them for frequent and long time use.


2. Lamination can improve print quality for printed matter appearance, to create a more high quality look and hold longer attention.


3. The cost of lamination is reasonable. It can save much printing and reprinting cost.


4. Lamination can protect the printed paper, so that allows them to dust proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, resistant to tears, wrinkles, marks and scrapes.


5. Prevent printed product from discoloring during binding and long time use.


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