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shipping way



BookPrintingChina except for provides high quality book and package printing service for global clients, also provides various shipping options for you to choose from.

Print with us, you don’t need to worry about the shipping issue, because we will combine with your time schedule and budget, and then provide you with the best shipping suggestion. Meanwhile, to make sure you receive the package is good, we will use strong enough packing way to pack your goods.


How to Choose Shipping Way and How Long Reach to Clients? 


There are two ways to delivery products from China to your door, sea and air.

Air shpping:

by air is fastest but expensive for small orders. Usually less than 50kg, by air shpping is more simple and faster shipping options. Transport goods to your door usually need about 1 weeks, which is more faster than by sea shipping.


Sea shipping:

By sea is long time but cheap for large bulk order, more than 50kg, often recommend by sea shipping.

For shipping books by sea from Shenzhen, please allow the following amount of time for sailing, customs clearance, and inland trucking to your warehouse.

To Asia destinations: 1 to 2 weeks

To South America destinations: 5 to 7 weeks

To US/Canada destinations: 3 to 6 weeks depending on west(LA,Vancouver) or east cost(NYC,Toronto)

To Australian destinations: 2 to 3 weeks

To Africa countries: 4 to 8 weeks

To UK and European destinations: 4 to 6 weeks

If your books need urgently, you can choose small order ship by air & express, such as DHL, FEDEX or UPS. It takes about 5-7 working days reach your door. Most orders are shipped via the more cost-effective and slower sea freight method. The shipping cost will depend on the weight of your package and the shipping way you choose, the cost you can consult with our sales, we will reply you correct price as per your order promptly.


If in Case the Package is Broken during Shipment, Do You Compensate? 


Our shipping package are strong enough, it will not happen broken accident. If in cased happen any broken or lost accident, you also do not need worry. All your books shipping by air or sea will buy the insurance during whole delivery process. If happened any problems they will compensate the money as per your value write on the shipping invoice.

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