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Special paper


Special paper is one of the less used papers in printing. Compared with other papers, special paper is more high-grade.



Apart from coated paper ,uncoated paper, etc. BookPrintingChina also provides various of high-grade special paper for your book covers, end sheet, cards, slipcase, dust jacket, etc. The common special paper includes parchment, synthetic paper, linen paper, etc. Dark specialty paper cannot print four-color images. Only can print metallic or spot-color inks, such as gold, silver, and spot colors. If four-color images are printed on the surface of light beige, light green, light blue, light pink and other light-toned special paper, the color cast will appear.

Using various post-press processing methods on the surface of special paper will also produce different styles. Such as hot stamping or embossing and debossing on the surface of special paper, etc., the effects are very good.

Whether it is ordinary paper or specialty paper, the surface has different textures. People have different feelings about smoothness, roughness, fineness and whiteness. Thus, we need to make different choices according to the surface properties of the print matter. Then, design personalized works with different styles in line with the trend to show the theme of the design and make the printed products practical and beautiful.

There are many types of special paper, and the final design and printing effects are also different. If you want to get a sample to see the effect, please contact us.