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Wire-o And Spiral Binding

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Wire-o And Spiral Binding



In wire-o and spiral binding,pages are cut and assembled, then punch holes on one side page, and clamp the wires through these holes, or thread these holes with a plastic spiral. Wire-o and spiral binding both can flip flap and often used for notebooks,planners,cookbooks,etc.


The advantage of wire-o and spiral binding:


Open flat– A wire-o or spiral binding book can lay flat and open 360 degree rotation.

Many choices-You can choose wire-o or plastic spiral binding, and you can choose any color according to your needs.


Flexible selection of pages-Wire-o and spiral binding not like saddle stitching and perfect binding have page limited. Such as saddle stitched, it often limited the pages in 8-64 pages. But with wire-o and spiral binding, your pages can binding in 12-300 pages and even more. Besides, we will choose suitable coil diameter according the paper thickness and pages.


The disadvantage of wire-o and spiral binding


Compared to saddle stitched and perfect binding, the cost will higher than two. Besides, the production time of wire-o and spiral binding will be longer than saddle stitched and perfect binding.


Wire-o and spiral binding production time


The wire-o and spiral book production time often needs 15-18 days. Please see our lead time to see how much time for your project will depend on your proofing and printing requirement.