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Sew And Perfect Binding


Sewn perfect bound is a popular book binding method that provides durability and a professional finish to books. In this guide, we will explore what sewn perfect bound is, its advantages, and the step-by-step process of producing sewn perfect binding books.

Whether you are a self-publisher or a professional looking for high-quality book printing options, understanding sewn perfect binding can help you make informed decisions. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of sewn perfect bound.

sewn perfect bound


What is Sewn Perfect Bound?


Sewn perfect binding, also known as thread sewn perfect binding, sewn perfect bound or Smyth sewn perfect binding, is a book binding technique that involves sewing the pages together before attaching them to the cover. This method ensures a strong and durable book that can withstand repeated use. The sewing process involves threads passing through each signature, securing the pages together and creating a sturdy book block. Once the book block is sewn, it is glued to the cover, providing a finished and polished look.


The Advantages of Sewn Perfect Bound


Sewn perfect bound offers several advantages over other book binding methods.

Durability– It provides enhanced durability, making it ideal for books that are frequently handled or subjected to heavy use. The sewn threads ensure that the pages remain securely bound, preventing them from falling out even after years of use. This makes sewn perfect binding a popular choice for textbooks, reference books, and other materials that require long-lasting quality.

Lay flat– Sewn perfect binding allows books to lay flat when opened, providing a convenient and comfortable reading experience. This is particularly beneficial for cookbooks, instructional manuals, and any content that requires readers to refer to the book while using their hands. The ability to lay flat also makes it easier to scan or photocopy pages, making sewn perfect binding suitable for legal documents, reports, and other materials that might require duplication.

Professional outlook-Sewn perfect binding offers a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The sewn threads visible along the spine add a touch of elegance to the book, making it stand out on bookshelves or in displays. This visually appealing finish enhances the overall presentation of the book and can leave a lasting impression on readers.

Lightweight and portable– Because perfect bound books are relatively lightweight, make them easy reading and storage. The spine of a perfect-bound book can be printed with the title, author’s name, and any other necessary information. This makes it easy to identify the book when it is stored on a shelf.

A wide range of page count options-Different from saddle stitch, spiral bound/wire-o, board book binding methodes with limited page count options, sewn perfect binding privides a wider range of page selections, from a dozen pages to a book with thousands of pages, can be perfectly bound.


How Do We Produce Sewn Perfect Bound Books?


Now that we understand the benefits of sewn perfect bound, let’s through below 3 minutes video to break down step by step process how do we produce these high-quality books.



Above video includes following 7 main steps to make sure your sewn perfect bound book is made in professional quality printing.

Printing: The first step in producing sewn perfect binding books is printing the pages. This is done using state-of-art offset printing techniques to ensure sharp and vibrant images, clear text, and accurate colors. The pages are typically printed on large sheets, which are then trimmed down to the required size.

Folding: Once the pages are printed, they are folded into signatures. A signature is a group of pages that are printed on a single sheet and folded together. The number of pages in each signature depends on the size and thickness of the book. Folding the pages into signatures allows for easier handling during the binding process.

Collating: After the pages are folded into signatures, they are collated in the correct order. This involves arranging the signatures in sequence, ensuring that the pages are in the right order and orientation. Collating is a crucial step to ensure that the content of the book flows smoothly and makes sense to the reader.

Sewing: Once the pages are collated, the sewn perfect binding process begins. The signatures are placed on a sewing machine, where threads are sewn through the fold of each signature. This creates a strong and secure binding that holds the pages together. The choice of thread color is often customizable, allowing for additional customization of the book’s appearance.

Gluing: After the sewing process, the sewn book block is ready to be attached to the cover. Use our automatic perfect binding machine to apply a layer of glue to the spine of the book block, then position and press the cover onto the glue. This creates a strong bond between the book block and the cover, ensuring that the book remains intact even with frequent use.

Trimming:Once the book block is glued to the cover, the excess edges are trimmed to give the book its final size and shape. Precision trimming ensures that all edges are even and aligned, providing a polished and professional look to the book.

Quality check: Before the books are ready for packaging, a thorough quality check is conducted. This involves inspecting each book for any printing errors, loose pages, or other defects that may have occurred during the binding process. Any issues are addressed and corrected to ensure that only the highest quality books reach the hands of readers.


The Difference Between Perfect Binding and Sewn Perfect Binding


Although both perfect binding and sewn perfect binding are similar, they still have some subtle difference.


1. Binding way is different. Perfect binding-A form of binding in which the pages of a printed matter are fixed to the spine by glue.Sew perfect binding-A form of binding in which the pages are threaded together and then glued to secure the pages of the printed matter to the spine.

2. Compared to perfect binding, the books with sew perfect binding, can open much flatter and more durable.

3. Production time and cost is different. The production time of perfect binding often shorter 3-5 days than sew perfect binding. The cost of sew perfect binding is higher than perfect binding.

4. Page counts limited is different. Perfect binding often suitable for the books between 16-200 pages. But with sew perfect binding, the pages must more than 20 pages.

Using perfect binding or sew perfect binding, it depends on the paper type and thickness, page counts. Such as, if a book of about 200 pages is printed on 128gsm coated paper and bound with perfect binding, the book is not strong. And it may fall apart after being held back and forth several times. If print black-and-white books, such as text books, use 80gsm uncoated paper, and the page counts is less than 400 pages. Then using perfect binding can achieve a very strong effect.


FAQ about Sewn Perfect Bound


Q: Is sewn perfect binding suitable for all types of books?

A: Sewn perfect binding is suitable for a wide range of books, including novels, catalogs, children’s books, mangas and so on. However, the thickness of the book may affect the choice of binding method, and it is best to consult with a professional book printing service to determine the most suitable option for your specific needs.


Q: Can sewn perfect binding be used for small print runs?

A: Yes, sewn perfect binding can be used for both large and small print runs. It is a versatile binding method that can accommodate varying quantities of books without compromising on quality.


Q: Can perfect-bound books lay flat when opened?

A: With sewn perfect binding can lay flat when opened, while standard perfect binding can not.


Q: Can the cover of a perfect-bound book be customized?

A: Yes, the cover of a perfect-bound book can be fully customized with high-quality graphics, text, and special finishes(e.g. lamination, foil stamping, spot uv, emboss, deboss). This allows for a personalized and visually appealing design.


Q: How long does it take to produce sewn perfect binding books?

A: The sew perfect binding book production time often needs 12-18 days. But the production time for sewn perfect binding books depends on factors such as the quantity, complexity, and customization requirements. It is best to consult with your book printing service to get an accurate estimate based on your specific project.


Sewn perfect bound is a reliable and professional book binding method that offers durability, functionality, and a visually appealing finish. Whether you are a self-publisher or a professional in need of high-quality book printing services, sewn perfect binding is worth considering.

After understanding the process and advantages of sewn perfect bound, you can make informed decisions and create books that leave a lasting impression on readers. So, embrace the world of sewn perfect binding and elevate the quality of your printed materials.

If you have any printing questions, please feel free to contact us, we are here to assist you.

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