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Saddle Stitching

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Saddle Stitching

In the saddle stitched binding process, parent sheets are cut, folded, and stapled together to form a full brochure. This binding way often use for simple book binding, such as workbook,text book, sticker bookcomic book,booklet,etc.


The advantage of saddle stitched is quick, cheap, and easy to flip pages.


But saddle stitched binding is not strong enough, and the wires used have difficulty penetrating thicker pages. Therefore, books with more than 32 pages (64 sides) are not suitable for saddle stitching.It depend on the paper thickness.


What’s the binding process of saddle stitch?


The first post is placed at the forefront of the binding machine, and the first one falls on the chain; the other posts are stacked on top of it in sequence, and the cover falls on it last, and then nailed; and then sent to the end of the binding machine to the cutter , Trimming the booklets to three sides into a book.


Saddle stitched book production time


The saddle stitched book production time often needs 10-12 days. Please see our lead time to see how much time for your project will depend on your proofing and printing requirement.