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Book Slipcase


What’s book slipcase?


Book slipcase is a process of binding, making the box cover different or same as the book cover, and then inserting the book. This binding way often used in coffee table books, book sets, art books,etc.


A slipcase often a five sided cardboard box to hold a book or book sets. The wrapping material of slipcase usually use printed paper, PU leather, cloth,special paper,etc. The thickness of slipcase cardboard can be 2mm,2.5mm,3mm. The cardboard box thickness depends on your book size. Usually, the larger your book size is, the slipcase thickness is thicker.


Why do custom book slipcase ?


1. Better protect your book


Custom book slipcase not only protect the books from dust, light and damage, and keep the books flat and clean for a long time. Also, it can better protect the book edge and corner.


2. Decoration


A book slipcase with fine print can as a decorative items for collection, it also can as a decoration to add taste to your bookstore or home.


3. Storage


If there some books or book sets need to careful preserve or collect.There’s nothing more suitable and convenient than a custom book slipcase to organize your books. Custom book slipcase can help you save much trouble for storage your book.


4. More easy to attract customers


If your book with a slip case, when your book display among many books are selling in the bookstore. Your book is more easy to catch more buyers’ attention and more easier to sell out.


The options of slipcase surface finishing


The printing of book slipcase is the same as the book cover. For the slipcase surface finishing, we provide many options for you to choose from. Such as hot stamping, UV, lamination,embossing,debossing,etc. For the leather cover, because special material characteristic, we only can do hot stamping, embossing and debossing. For the cloth cover, we can use color hot stamping replace traditional printing. Also can do embossing and debossing.


The production time of book slipcase


The book slipcase production time often needs 20 days. Please see our lead time to see how much time for your project will depend on your proofing and printing requirement.