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Board Book Binding

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Board Book Binding


Board book binding usually apply in toddler’s book, like enlightenment book, puzzle book, pop up book, etc. The books with board book binding, enough durable to withstand frequestly read and tear off by little readers.


What’s Board Book Binding?


Board book binding is two pages thicker card paper mounting together with glue, and then self cover or hardcover are glued to be a book. Board book binding is the most popular binding way for baby enlightenment book. Some special collection book also with this binding way. Like art book,coffee table book,etc.

The thicker card paper usually use two sheet of 250-350gsm coated one side paper (C1S). Sometimes, also use two sheet of C1S paper mounting with 2mm-3mm gray board, the make the book looks more thicker.

Board book binding have two types, one type is self cover board book binding, another one is hardcover board book binding.


Self-cover board book binding

Self-cover board book binding, which cover paper is the same as inner paper and the spine is not glued together. So that the readers can open the book easily. The binding process is all pages are two sheet of cardboard wrapped together and then wrapped on the cover.



Hardcover board book binding

Hardcover board book binding, which cover material is the same as normal hardcover book cover. The first inner page of paper is glued on the inside of front cover and the final inner page of paper is glued on the inside of back cover. The spine also not glued, so that convenient for the readers to open.



Hardcover VS Board book : What’s the Difference


Although both hardcover and board book binding are durable, but they have some difference.

1. Paper choice is different

Board book binding, because one side paper is glued and can’t printing. So the paper option is very limited. To achieve high quality color printing effect, board book often use 300g,350g C1S paper.

But the book with hardcover binding, there have many paper options,like coated paper,art paper,offset paper,special paper,etc.

2. Page counts is different

Board book binding, which page counts often 8-40 pages. And the size between 3-10 inches. If the page counts too thick or size too large, it not suitable for custom board book.

But with hardcover binding, the minimum page counts must be 32 pages. For hardcover book binding,almost no size limit.

3. Book type limited is different

Board book binding often used for toddler book, like board book, pop up book. Hardcover binding is different, hardcover book binding suitable for any types of book binding. From baby’s book to art book, any types of book you want, you can use hardcover binding.


The Production Time of Board Book Binding


The board book binding production time often needs 15-18 days. Please see our lead time to see how much time for your project will depend on your proofing and printing requirement.