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Popular binding


Binding is the overall operation process of books from collation to sealing and forming into volumes. Generally, it includes processing steps such as arranging the printed pages in sequence, connecting, sewing, equipping, and putting on the cover.Binding is one of the important part in the book printing process.Different binding method, the final processes are different.Below are some popular binding way you need to know, so that you can choose the suitable binding way for your book.


1. Saddle stitched (staple binding)


Saddle stitched, also known as staple binding, is the most ordinary binding way, which pages are folded and stapled together. Saddle stitched binding often used for the thin book binding, like catalog, magazine, text book, workbook,booklet,etc.


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2. Wire-o binding



Wire-o binding is cut and assemble the pages, then punch holes on one side page, and clamp the wires through these holes. The advantage of wire-o binding is convenient for reading and replace pages. This binding way often use for cookbooks, manuals,notebooks,etc binding.


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3. Spiral binding



Spiral binding is a popular binding method of books. The printed book is punched hole along the edge and then thread these holes with a plastic spiral. Spiral binding is often used for cookbooks,catalogs,manuals,notebook,etc binding.


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4. Prefect binding ( paperback/softcover)



Perfect binding is one of the most popular binding for softcover books. The binding is fold pages, gather, and then glue into a cover, to form a square spine.


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5. Hardcover binding (case binding/hardback binding)



Hardcover binding not only looks high-end, but also feels more better to read and use. Hardcover binding, first is fold pages, gather, sew and then a “cover” is made by gluing and folding a printed sheet around 3 pieces of gray board. In final, the pages are glued into the cover with a few extra pages called end sheets, forming an entire hardcover book.


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6. Board book binding 


Board book binding is a special binding way, often used for children’s board book,pop-up book,etc. Board book binding is mounting two thicker coated one side paper in page order together with glue, and then self cover or hardcover are glued together be a book.Board book binding is enough strong and not easy to grooved or creased.Board book binding often use 300-350g Coated one side paper(C1S) or coated one side paper add 3mm gray board.


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