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Offset paper


offset paper


What’s offset paper?


Offset paper, also known as offset printing paper, uncoated paper. It is mainly used for lithographic (offset printing) printing machine or other printing machine to print relatively higher-grade color prints, suitable for printing single-color or multi-color text books, magazine,etc.

Offset paper is generally made of bleached chemical coniferous wood pulp and an appropriate amount of bamboo pulp. It has small stretch ability, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight texture and opaque, and strong water resistance.

Offset paper is available in many weight levels, like 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, 90gsm, 120gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, etc.

The offset paper used for the text of printing books and magazines is often less than 90gsm, like novels, notebooks, etc. often recommend 80gsm. The cover usually uses 120-140gsm, like hardcover book end sheets and catalog covers, often recommends 140gsm offset paper.




Uncoated paper VS coated paper


1. Coated paper adopts a more prominent process, so it is higher than offset paper in terms of whiteness, tightness and smoothness.

2. Coated paper is coated on both sides, but offset paper is not. Offset paper is similar to the base paper of coated paper, which is uncoated coated paper.

Unlike coated paper, the surface of offset paper is nonglare, the color printed on the paper is more soft and natural. Which makes offset paper brings better reading and writing experience. So most of the notebooks, textbooks are printed with uncoated paper. Besides, due to uncoated, in the same GSM, the offset paper is thicker than the coated paper.

3. For color printing, often recommend coated paper. If for single color text printing, often recommend offset paper, it is relatively cheaper than coated paper.

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