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Coated paper


coating paper

Coated paper, also known as copper printing paper, art paper, coated art paper, etc, is a type of paper that used most in various of printing. Coated paper is a layer of white paint is applied on the surface of the base paper, and it is processed by super calendering. Coated paper includes two types: single-sided and double-sided. The paper surface includes two types: glossy and matte. The Pros of coated paper: surface is smooth, the whiteness is high, and the performance of ink absorption and ink retention is very good.


Glossy coated paper


The manufacture of coated paper is to apply a layer of white paint on the base paper and then calender it. Its biggest feature is that the surface of the paper is very smooth, and it also has relatively high requirements for whiteness. Because of this characteristic, when facing the light, the coated paper will have a more obvious reflective effect. Coated paper is often used for printing normal books, card, package, catalog, magazine, etc.




Matte art paper


Matte paper, that is, matte coated paper, is less reflective than coated paper when viewed in sunlight. Although the patterns printed on it are not as colorful as coated paper, the patterns are more delicate and high-grade than coated paper. Matte art paper often used for high-grade color printing, like coffee table book, art book, high-end manga book, etc.




Coated one side paper (C1S paper)


Coated one side paper is the paper that has been surface coated and calendered on one side, and the other side is the same as ordinary printing paper. Both sides of coated one side paper can be printed, but the printing effect on the reverse side is the same as ordinary printing paper. Coated one side paper is suitable for single-sided printing or mounting (Mounting refers to gluing two or more pieces of paper together). Some customers need thicker materials, so multiple sheets of paper need to be mounted together to achieve a certain thickness. Coated one side paper is used most in custom board book printing and package box printing.





Glossy coated paper VS matte art paper: what’s the difference


The difference in appearance.The biggest difference between matte paper and coated paper is whether there is obvious reflection. The printing effect of matte art paper is not as bright as coated paper. But the display of matte art paper will be more delicate than coated paper, and looks more high-end.

The difference in texture.In comparison, although the whiteness of coated paper is relatively high, it is still worse than matte art paper. Moreover, the matte art paper will absorb more ink and have higher hardness, unlike ordinary coated paper, which is not easy to deform.

The difference in price.Relatively speaking, the price of matte art paper will be a little higher than glossy coated paper.


The difference between C1S paper and C2S paper


Coated one side paper (C1S) has only one side coated, and the other side is uncoated. While Coated both side paper (C2S) is coated two sides. The uncoated side is the same as offset paper. Since the double-sided coated paper is coated under a certain pressure. Generally speaking, the same gram weight of C2S paper is thinner than C1S paper, and the stiffness is also smaller than C1S paper.


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