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Lead Time


Lead time, we aslo called production turnaround time, which is the period between start and completion of a process. The production turnaround time allow us to do printing, cutting, binding, finishing, quality check and packaging. Our production turnaround time can range from couple of days to 20 days, depend on your order quantity, binding, special finish requirement, ect.


lead time


Production Lead Time of Different Print Product


For different printing project, the production time usually is different. At BookPrintingChina, books/catalogs/notebooks,etc types of printing, usually needs 10-18 days; various card and card deck printing, usually needs 10-15 days, and other printing usually needs 15-18 days. Here listed some main project of production time we print for your reference.

For saddle stitch book printing, usually takes 10-12 days;

For paperback book printing, usually takes 12-15 days;

For hardcover books printing, usually take 15-18 days;

For spiral/wire-o book printing, usually takes 15-18 days;

For board book printing, usually takes 15-18 days;

For custom card/card deck, usually takes 10-15 days;

For custom package bag/box, usually takes 15-18 days;

For label/sticker printing, usually takes 7-9 days;

For calendar printing, usually takes 18 days.

The final production time depends on your quantity and your project’s requirements.


When does the Production Lead Time Start?


  • You have paid half of deposit for the order
  • We make free digital sample and ship to your home, and you have confirmed the sample
  • You have provided final print ready file to us, 1. If your file is meet our printing requirement, the mass printing is start; 2. If your file have some errors need to fix, you need to fix them and send back to us, or our designer help you fix them, then you need to approve, we start mass printing.


If your need was urgent, I advise you to tell us your lead time, such as telling us when you will have the final artwork, and when you need them. Then our sales will check with our factory and shipping company whether we can meet your time or not. If the time is okay then we take your order. If cannot meet your time schedules, we will not take it. Once we take your order, we will make sure you will get it 100% on time. We will not cause your in-time trouble, we will let our factory speed up production day to night for you, and this is for free. No extra cost.

Meanwhile, if your order is bulk delivery and cannot reach on time by sea, we advise you ship a small quantity by air in advance, while the rest shipping by sea, which can make sure to reach on time and save you some money.

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