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Sticker Book

sticker book printingChildren's Activity Sticker Book Printing


As a parent or educator, you understand the importance of engaging children in creative activities that promote learning and imagination. One such activity that has stood the test of time is sticker book printing. Sticker books are not only fun for children, but they also enhance their fine motor skills, encourage storytelling, and foster creativity. If you are considering sticker book printing, look no further than BookPrintingChina.


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A Children's book with stickers inside, we call it sticker book. Because sticker books can meet the needs of children to play and read. This makes sticker books popular with kids. If you want to custom a book to meet children to play and read, custom a sticker book is a pleasant choice.

BookPrintingChina provides a variety of sticker book printing services for publishers and personal. Except for sticker book printing, we also with many kinds of children's book printing services. Such as board book printing, sound book printing, coloring book printing, etc. Whether custom sticker book or other types of books, BookPrintingChina can help you achieve.


Paper Stock 

When it comes to sticker book printing, choosing the right paper stock and weight is crucial to ensure durability and longevity. At BookPrintingChina, we offer a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.

For children's sticker books, it is important to opt for a paper stock that can withstand the wear and tear of little hands. We recommend using a thicker paper stock, such as 250gsm or 300gsm as the cover, which provides a sturdy base for the sticker book and prevents them from tearing easily. For the interior paper, we often recommend 80gsm or 100gsm uncoated paper and 80gsm coated paper for the sticker.

paper for graphic novel printing

A lightweight paper, such as 80gsm or 90gsm, is ideal for sticker books as it allows for easy flipping of pages and prevents the book from becoming too bulky. However, if you prefer a more substantial feel, you can opt for a heavier weight paper, such as 120gsm or 140gsm. Ultimately, the choice of paper stock and weight depends on your preferences and the intended age group for the sticker book.

Hard cover paper Soft cover paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2mm gray board
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated cover paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2.5mm gray board
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated cover paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 3mm gray board
  • 350gsm/129 lb coated cover paper


Interior paper Sticker
  • 80gsm/54 lb uncoated paper
  • 80gsm/54 lb glossy art paper
  • 100gsm/68 lb uncoated paper
  • 105gsm/71 lb glossy art paper
  • 120gsm/81 lb uncoated paper
  • 80gsm/54 lb matte art paper
  • 140gsm/95 lb uncoated paper
  • 105gsm/71 lb matte art paper
  • 128gsm/86 lb coated text paper
  • 157gsm/106 lb coated text paper



Sticker Book Size

Sticker books come in various sizes, and choosing the right size is essential to ensure a seamless user experience. At BookPrintingChina, we offer a range of popular sizes for sticker book printing. The most common sizes for children's sticker books are A4, A5, 6" x 9", and 8.5" x 11". These sizes provide ample space for stickers while still being easy to handle for young children. However, if you have a specific size in mind, we can accommodate custom sizes to meet your requirements.

It is important to consider the target audience when selecting the size of your sticker book. For younger children, a smaller size may be more appropriate as it fits comfortably in their hands. On the other hand, older children may prefer a larger size for more intricate designs and detailed stickers. Whatever size you choose, BookPrintingChina can help bring your vision to life.


Binding Options

When it comes to binding sticker books, there are several options to choose from, each with its own unique advantages. The most common binding methods for sticker books are saddle stitch, perfect binding, wire-o, spiral bound. Let's explore each of these options in detail:

saddle stitchSaddle stitch

This binding method involves folding the pages in half and stapling them along the fold. Saddle stitch is a cost-effective option for thinner sticker books and allows for easy flipping of pages. However, it may not be suitable for thicker sticker books as the staples may come loose over time.


perfect bindingPerfect binding

Perfect binding involves gluing the pages together along the spine and attaching a cover. This method provides a professional and polished look, making it ideal for thicker sticker books. Perfect binding also allows the book to lay flat when opened, providing a seamless experience for children.


wire-o bindingWire-o binding

Wire-o binding involves punching holes along the edge of the pages and securing them with a metal wire. This binding method allows for easy flipping of pages and provides durability. Wire-o binding is a popular choice for sticker books that require frequent page flipping, such as activity-based sticker books.


spiral bound

Spiral bound

Similar to wire-o binding, spiral bound books have holes punched along the edge of the pages. However, instead of a metal wire, a plastic spiral is used to secure the pages. Spiral bound books offer flexibility and durability, making them suitable for sticker books that need to withstand heavy use.


hardcover comic bookHardcover

Hardcover binding provides the highest level of durability and protection for sticker books. It involves attaching a hardcover to the pages, providing a sturdy base for the stickers. Hardcover sticker books are ideal for long-lasting keepsakes or premium editions.


At BookPrintingChina, we can guide you in selecting the most suitable binding option based on your preferences and the intended use of the sticker book.


Finish Options

When printing children's sticker books, we provide many cover options that can be used to create an eye-catching and professional-looking product.

finish options

Lamination is one of the most common cover options, and can be done in either glossy or matt finishes. Glossy lamination gives a smooth finish and enhances image clarity. While matt lamination gives a more subtle look with minimal shine.

Foil stamping is another great option for making a book stand out from the crowd. It involves using metallic foil to imprint text or images onto the cover.

Die cut covers are also popular; these involve precise cutting around text or images to give them a unique shape.

Spot UV is another option that adds a glossy varnish over certain parts of the cover design, which creates an appealing contrast with matt finishes.

Emboss/deboss techniques provide tactile effects on the cover. By pressing down into or raising up from the surface of materials such as board stock. That can add an extra level of sophistication and elegance to any book design.


Artwork Tips

Designing artwork for sticker book printing requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here are some steps to help you set up and design artwork for printing:

Choose the right software: Use a professional design software, such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, to create your artwork. These programs offer a wide range of tools and features specifically designed for print production.

Set up bleed and margins: Bleed refers to the area beyond the edge of the page that will be trimmed off after printing. Set up a of at least 0.125 inches to ensure that your artwork extends to the edge without any white borders. Additionally, leave a margin of at least 0.25 inches from the edge to prevent important elements from getting cut off during trimming.

Use high-resolution images: To ensure crisp and clear printing, use high-resolution images (300 dpi or higher) for your stickers and illustrations. Low-resolution images may appear pixelated or blurry when printed.

Consider layering: If your sticker book includes multiple layers or interactive elements, such as flaps or tabs, consider creating separate layers in your design software. This will allow for easy organization and printing of each layer.

Proofread and review: Before sending your artwork for printing, proofread the text and review the design for any errors or inconsistencies. It is always a good idea to print a test copy or seek feedback from others to ensure that your sticker book is visually appealing and error-free.

File types: Usually, we prefer PDF file, but also accept Illustrator or Photoshop and Indesign files.

Sticker book printing is a fantastic way to engage children in a creative and educational activity. BookPrintingChina offers a wide range of options, from paper stock to binding methods, to ensure that your sticker book meets your specific requirements. So why wait? Contact BookPrintingChina today and bring your sticker book to life!

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