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Sound Book

sound book printingCustom Children's Sound Book Printing


At BookPrintingChina, we specialize in custom sound book printing. Our expertise allows us to customize various types of books with sound. Whether you're looking to create a sound board book, a storybook, a sticker book, an activity book, or even a puzzle book, we have the capabilities to bring your ideas to life. Our advanced printing technology ensures that the sound elements seamlessly integrate with the visuals, creating a truly immersive reading experience.


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What's Sound Book?

Sound book is a new type of electronic book based on electronic chips, which is composed of speakers and books. A sound book is a unique and interactive type of book that incorporates audio elements to enhance the reading experience. It is designed to engage readers, especially children, by combining visual storytelling with sounds and music.

Sound books often have buttons or sensors that trigger specific sounds or melodies when pressed or activated. These books are a perfect blend of technology and traditional reading, making them a popular choice for both children and adults.

Audiobooks can help children and blind people to overcome the barriers of reading and literacy. Sound book as a multifunctional children's enlightenment book which is very favored by parents.


Paper Stock

Choosing the right paper stock for your sound book is crucial in achieving the desired quality and durability. We offer a variety of paper options that are suitable for sound book printing, like coated paper, coated one side paper, uncoated paper. Whether you prefer a glossy finish for vibrant illustrations or a matte finish for a more subtle look, we have the perfect paper stock to meet your requirements. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the best paper stock that complements your sound book's design and enhances the overall reading experience.

paper for sound book printing

In addition to the visual appeal, we also prioritize the safety of our sound books. We ensure that the paper stock used is safe and non-toxic, especially for children's books. Our materials undergo rigorous testing to meet international safety standards, guaranteeing that your sound book is both entertaining and safe for readers of all ages.

Cover paper Interior paper
  • 128gsm/47 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2mm gray board
  • 105gsm/71 lb coated text paper
  • 128gsm/47 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2.5mm gray board
  • 128gsm/86 lb coated text paper
  • 128gsm/47 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 3mm gray board
  • 157gsm/106 lb coated text paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2mm gray board
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated one side paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 2.5mm gray board
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated one side paper
  • 157gsm/58 lb coated cover paper wrapped on 3mm gray board
  • 350gsm/129 lb coated one side paper
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated one side paper
  • 400gsm/148 lb coated one side paper
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated one side paper
  • 100gsm/68 lb uncoated text paper
  • 350gsm/129 lb coated one side paper
  • 120gsm/81 lb uncoated text paper
  • 400gsm/148 lb coated one side paper


Safety Requirements for Sound Books

Safety is always a top priority when it comes to children's books, and sound books are no exception. At BookPrintingChina, we adhere to strict safety requirements to ensure that our sound books meet the highest standards. Our sound book modules are designed to be child-safe, with no small parts that can be swallowed or pose a choking hazard. We also ensure that the batteries used in the sound modules are securely enclosed to prevent any risk of leakage or accidental ingestion.

Additionally, our sound book modules are tested for durability and longevity. We understand that children can be rough with their books, so we make sure that our sound modules are built to withstand wear and tear. Our rigorous testing procedures guarantee that the sound elements of your book will function properly even after repeated use, ensuring a long-lasting and enjoyable reading experience.


Sound Book Modules Position

The placement of sound book modules is a critical aspect of sound book printing. The position of the sound buttons or sensors should be strategically planned to ensure easy access for readers while maintaining the visual integrity of the book. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to determine the optimal placement of the sound modules based on your book's design and layout.

Sound Book Modules Position

We understand that different types of books may require different positioning of sound modules. For example, in a board book, the sound buttons may be located on the side or middle of the pages for easy activation by little hands. In a storybook, the sound modules may be embedded within the pages, seamlessly blending with the illustrations. Our expertise in sound book printing allows us to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating a visually appealing book that engages the reader.


Sound Book Batteries

The batteries used in sound books play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and performance of the sound elements. At BookPrintingChina, our team carefully design the appropriate sound holes based on the specific requirements of your sound book. We understand the importance of a seamless reading experience. So, our sound holes are designed enough large to allow readers clear sound the audio of the book.

Sound Book Batteries

Moreover, we ensure that the battery compartment in our sound books is secure and easily accessible for battery replacement. This allows readers to enjoy the sound elements for an extended period without any inconvenience. Our commitment to quality extends to every aspect of sound book printing, to ensure that your sound book exceeds your expectations.


Sound Book Binding

The binding of a sound book is an essential consideration in the printing process. The binding method should be chosen based on the type of sound book and its intended use. At BookPrintingChina, we offer various binding options for sound books, including hardcover and board book binding.

hardcover sound bookHardcover binding

Hardcover bindings provide durability and a polished look, making them suitable for more premium sound book editions.



sound board book Board book binding

Board book binding is perfect for little children's books, as it offers sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear.



Our team of experts will help you determine the most appropriate binding method for your sound book, taking into consideration its content, intended audience, and overall design. We ensure that the binding is of the highest quality, ensuring that your sound book withstands the test of time.


At BookPrintingChina, we are dedicated to providing top-quality sound book printing services. Our expertise in customizing sound books, combined with our commitment to safety and excellence, makes us the ideal partner for bringing your sound book ideas to life. From selecting the perfect paper stock to ensuring the optimal placement of sound modules, our team will guide you through the entire printing process, ensuring that your sound book exceeds your expectations.

Start your sound book printing journey with BookPrintingChina today and create a unique and engaging reading experience for your audience. Contact us now to get started on your custom sound book project.

In children's book printing field, we always provide many kinds of selections for customer. For example, board book printing, flip book printing, coloring book printing, workbook printing, etc.

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