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Softcover Book Printing

softcover book printingCost-Effective Softcover Book Printing Service


Softcover book also known as paperback. Softcover book printing is a popular option for self-publishing authors and businesses alike. Whether for novels, children's books, or more, a professioanl quality paperback will be a cost-effective choice. As a professional China printer with more than 25 years of printing experience, we provides a wide range of paperback book printing service to match your needs. 


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Softcover book printing, also known as paperback printing, softback bound book printing, softback book printing, etc. The binding process includes folding, gathering, gluing and trimming.

Softcover book is lightweight and cheaper than hardcover book, make it a popular choice for publishers and readers.


Popular Paper and Weight of Softcover Book Printing

When printing softcover books, choosing the right paper and weight is important. The paper you choose should be durable and of high-quality, so that it can withstand the test of time. Here are some of the popular papers and weights that are used for softcover book printing:

Paper options

paper for book printing

Uncoated paper: This paper is best for books with a lot of text and few images, like novel. It has a natural feel and is easy to read. Uncoated paper is a good ideal for black and white printing.

Glossy coated paper: This paper is best for books with a lot of images and few text. It has a glossy finish and makes images look sharp and vibrant. Glossy coated paper is a good ideal for color printing.

Matte art paper: This paper is best for books with a mix of text and images. It has a non-glossy finish and is easy to read.

Paper weight

80-120gsm: This weight is best for novels and books with a lot of text.

105-157gsm: This weight is best for books with a mix of text and images.

128-157gsm: This weight is best for books with a lot of images and few text.


Cover paper Interior paper
  • 250gsm/92 lb coated cover paper
  • 80gsm/54 lb uncoated text paper
  • 300gsm/111 lb coated cover paper
  • 100gsm/68 lb uncoated text paper
  • 350gsm/129 lb coated cover paper
  • 120gsm/81 lb uncoated text paper
  • 80gsm/54 lb coated text paper
  • 105gsm/71 lb coated text paper
  • 128gsm/86 lb coated text paper
  • 157gsm/106 lb coated text paper


Softcover Book Binding Methods

Softcover book, also known as paperback. There are a few different ways to bind a softcover book, but two of the most popular are perfect binding and sewn perfect binding.

perfect bindingPerfect Binding

Perfect binding is the most common way to bind a softcover book. It involves gluing the pages of the book to the spine, creating a flat and clean look. This method is best for printing softcover books with more than 20 pages. Read more about perfect binding.


sewn perfect bindingSewn Perfect Binding

Sew and perfect binding involves sewing the pages of the book together before gluing them to the spine. This method is more durable than perfect binding and is best for books with more than 24 pages. Read more about sewn perfect binding.


Popular Size of Custom Softcover Book Printing

Choosing the right book size is important, as it can affect the readability and overall look of your book. BookPrintingChina provides various customized sizes, from square size to landscape size. The paperback size will depend on your audience, book type, regional standards or personalized requirement. Here are some of the popular softcover book printing sizes:

5.5 x 8.5 inches and 6 x 9 inches: These sizes are best for novels and non-fiction books.

6 x 9 inches: This size is best for non-fiction books and memoirs.

8.5 x 11 inches: This size is best for workbooks, text book and manuals.

8.5 x 8.5 inches and 8 x 8 inches, 8.5 x 11 inches, A4 are best for children's books.

Above standard and popular size just for your reference. If you are want to custom your own book size, please contact our experts to get a free quote.


Finish Options of Softcover Book Printing

finish options

Adding a finish to your book can elevate its visual appeal and make it stand out from the crowd. BookPrintingChina offers several popular finishes that can enhance the overall look and feel of your book. Below are some pop finishes often used in custom softcover book printing.

Lamination is a common choice, providing a protective layer that makes the book resistant to moisture, scratches, and fading. It also adds a subtle sheen to the cover, enhancing the colors and details of the illustrations.

Spot UV is another popular finish that can add a glossy and raised effect to specific areas of the book, such as the title or certain elements on the cover. This technique creates a visually striking contrast and adds a tactile dimension to the book, making it more engaging for readers.

Foil stamping is a luxurious finish that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your book. It involves applying metallic or colored foil to specific areas of the cover or title, creating a visually stunning effect that catches the eye.

More surface options, please click here!


Artwork Tips of Softcover Book Printing

When custom softcover book printing services, the artwork is just as important as the content. Here are some tips to ensure that your artwork looks great:

Use high-resolution images: At least 300DPI for high quality printing, as low-resolution images can appear blurry and pixelated when printed.

Use the right file format: For images, use a high-resolution JPG or TIFF file. For vector graphics, use an EPS or PDF file.

Bleed: Make sure that your artwork extends beyond the edge of the page to ensure that there are no white borders. The bleed usually leave 3mm(0.125 inches).

Keep it simple: Avoid cluttering your pages with too many images and graphics. Keep it simple and clean.

Read on "artwork" to learn more about the artwork design tips.


Printing Your Own Softcover Book at BookPrintingChina

No matter you print a softcover novel, photo book, comic books, catalogs, children's book or other types of document, BookPrintingChina has the professional skills, experience and knowledge to help you print in superior quality at a competitive price.

With our strict attention to detail and quality, affordable price and a truly customer-focused service at all times, you can trust BookPrintingChina will be your best china book printer.

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