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هلڪو وزن ڇپائي پيپر جون خاصيتون ڇا آهن؟

وقت: 2021-05-31 ويو: 31

Speaking of lightweight paper, everyone is no stranger. The full name of light paper (Mengken paper) is light offset paper. It is one of the common papers in domestic ڪتاب جي ڇپائي. It does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, has a white and soft color, and has a certain protective effect on eyesight. At the same time, the lightweight paper has good texture and bulk, folding resistance, high opacity, printing adaptability and good manuscript reduction after printing. So, what are its characteristics?


ڇپائي ڪاغذ

1. Light, thick and light. Lightweight paper has a particularly good bulk, so this paper can replace the original high-quantity paper with the same thickness, thereby saving freight and postage costs.

2. The color is natural. Lightweight paper is made of chemical pulp and does not contain optical brighteners. It is milky white or light beige due to the addition of special dyes. Compared with ordinary coated paper and offset paper, the color of light paper is darker, similar to the original color of wood pulp. . It gives people a simple and natural feeling, and reading books and periodicals printed on light paper for a long time will not cause visual fatigue.

3. The surface of the paper is fine and smooth. Touching the light paper will feel the softness and fineness of the paper. Due to the non-coating or low coating amount, the light-weight paper has a low reflectivity but has a strong ink absorption capacity.

4. The paper has a long life and is environmentally friendly. Lightweight paper is a kind of chlorine-free paper, made of 100% pure chemical pulp, and does not contain fluorescent brighteners and other ingredients, so that the paper is slightly alkaline and can be stored for thousands of years without deterioration. Lightweight paper is uncoated, mainly composed of fiber, calcium carbonate and water. It does not pollute the environment and is a green product.


Before starting to print the book, please choose the printing paper carefully. Different paper qualities can show different printing effects. In ڪتاب ڇپائي چين، هي آ انهن مان هڪ بهترين experienced and trustworthy ڪتاب پرنٽرs چين ۾, contact us to start your book printing.