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وقت: 2020-01-07 ويو: 125


_DSC12791. Technological advantages of combination printing

In combination printing, it often uses a variety of printing technology and technology. Therefore, combination printing also combines the advantages of various printing technologies and processes. In general, combined printing often combines the advantages of intaglio, offset, flexo, and screen printing.


2. The advantages of various printing methods are as follows:

1) Intaglio printing design has the advantages of high production efficiency, good color consistency, good adaptability of printing materials and so on. It performs well in field, spot color, gold (silver) ink printing and so on, and can meet the strict requirements of packaging printing quality.

2) Offset printing has a set of standard and data-driven method, on the rich level of the printing reproduction.

3) Flexographic printing has incomparable advantages for the field color block printing, because of the short ink, printing without chromatic aberration. Especially with the rapid development of flexo printing supply chain, such as plate materials, plate making equipment, printing machines, flexo printing quality has made rapid progress, good gradation reproducibility, can meet higher printing requirements, which is more and more important in the label and packaging printing.

4) And screen printing, can produce a thick layer of ink, build concave and convex, frosted, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles and other effects, thus greatly improve the visual effect of printed matter, which will be more attactive in some sepical فهرست ڇپائي چين.


In short, the combination of printing is not only the characteristics of the printing ways developed to get incisively and vividly, but also to improve business level and quality of the printint product. And the pioneer that using the combination printing technology also will get good profit return.


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