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ڪاغذ جي ٿلهو ڇپائي جو طريقو ۽ معاملن تي ڌيان ڏيڻ جي ضرورت آهي

وقت: 2021-12-22 ويو: 10


نه مان ڪيترن ئي قسمن جا آهن ڪاغذ جا ٿيلهو, but nowadays most of the standard-looking square paper bags on the market. When making this kind of paper bags, چين ڇپائي جو ڪمپوزy عام طور تي ٿيندو choose offset printing processing technology for ڪاغذن جو ٻلو ڇپائيء, and the manufacturing processing technology is also very simple, and post-printing manufacturing technology is widely used for manufacturing. This kind of processing technology can carry out some modifications, and apply some methods in the production situation, so as to achieve the goal of improving work efficiency and reducing costs. So what are the methods of ڪسٽم ڪاغذ جا ٿيلهو لوگو سان? This is mainly based on the steps of paper bag making and processing technology to develop a set of methods that can improve work efficiency and reduce costs.

The first is the improvement of the template. Some چين ۾ پرنٽر generally choose to re-use the stamper for multiple times. Generally, when making portable paper bags, the precision of specifications is not high. The manufacturer first carried out accurate statistical analysis on the length, width, and height specifications of the portable paper bags, and then carried out the classification number based on the different aspect ratios of the portable paper bags, and made the stamping version.

Then there can be improvements in the compression molding method. For example, cardboard is used instead of embossing line to make paper bags to carry out paper bag embossing production and processing. In general, embossing lines are not used to cooperate with steel wire for development, and cardboard is used to replace embossing lines. Such folding method has a certain depth, and it is not easy to run out of the line when it is stretched and contracted.

In order to obtain good practical results when folding portable paper bags, you must pay attention to the following:

1. The thickness of the pad should be sufficient.

2. Before pressing, fold the groove marks on the cushion paper.

3. Fold along the threads of the paper to reduce the working pressure of the die.

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