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فوٽو ڪتاب ڇپائي لاء ڪاغذ ڪيئن چونڊيو؟

وقت: 2021-11-02 ويو: 7



تمام عام تصوير books and periodicals are printed on coated art paper. The grammage of this kind of paper is 80gsm، 105gsm، 128gsm، 157gsm، 200gsm، 250gsm، 300gsm, and 350gsm. So, how to choose the weight?


Generally speaking, the cover paper of a فوٽو ڪتاب ڇپائي is more than 300gsm. Most of the inner pages can be reduced as the number of pages increases. For example, for a فوٽو ڪتاب with less than 16 pages, the inner pages can be made of 200gsm coated art paper or heavier. This kind of فوٽو ڪتاب avoids the feeling of thinness. For فوٽو ڪتاب between 20 and 40 pages, the inner pages can use 157gsm coated art paper. If the number of printed pages is more than 40 pages, 128gsm coated art paper can also be used for the inner pages. Of course, the weight design should also consider the printing cost of books, periodicals and فوٽو ڪتاب ڇپائي. If there are many pages in the فوٽو ڪتاب, sometimes hundreds or even hundreds of pages, it is best to choose 250gsm coated art paper for the cover, and 80gsm double copper for the inner pages.


There is also a commonly used paper called matt coated paper. In addition to the paper surface, the other grammage and price of matt coated paper بلڪل سا theي طرح آهن coated art paper. In terms of effect, these two types of paper have a better reduction effect on printڪري رهيو آهي رنگَ.


In addition, book paper is also a common type of paper. It is generally used to print فوٽو ڪتاب with a lot of text. The most commonly used ones are books, periodicals or magazines. But its color reduction effect is much worse than coated art paper or matte paper. As market competition intensifies, many companies use high-end paper printing for brand image or high-end customer needs. This has been very common in auction houses or the first edition of professional albums in recent years; for example, ultra-feeling paper, its biggest advantage is there is a layer of coating on the surface of the paper, and the areas where there is no printing appear matte, and the areas with printing appear bright. So it has become the first choice for many high-end books, periodicals and albums.


There are also some art papers, which are more suitable for printing art albums and albums with special design effects.


If you have any need on فوٽو ڪتاب ڇپائي, اسان سان رابطو ڪريو freely at any time.