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Application of background color removal and gray balance in book printers

وقت: 2022-03-03 ويو: 9


1. What is background color removal


Background color removal is the process of reducing the proportion of three primary colors and increasing the proportion of black when using three primary colors to restore gray and black in four-color reproduction. Its purpose is to improve the printability and dryness of ink, reduce the cost of ink and compensate the color deviation of dark tone part, Keep the gray printing reproduction stable.


Because the background color removal is the use of non-color structure technology in color printing reproduction, the black plate in four-color printing is particularly important لاء book printers.

2. Application of grey balance in چين ڇپائيء ڪمپني


The means to achieve neutral gray through three primary color overprint is called gray balance. Specifically, under the conditions of paper, ink, plate, proofing or printing with certain performance, the yellow, magenta and cyan primary color plates are combined and overprinted according to a certain dot ratio from light to deep to obtain the achromatic of different lightness (white, light gray, gray, dark gray and black). This whole process is called the gray balance of printing. Its meaning is to indirectly control all tones on the whole picture by controlling the gray part of the picture. It is a yardstick to measure the correctness of color separation plate making and color printing of چين ۾ پرنٽر. It is a principle to be observed and implemented by all processes in the whole process of reproduction.


Factors affecting the gray balance in the printing process include:


(1) ڇپائيءَ ۾ استعمال ٿيندڙ خام مال خاص طور تي مس، ڪاغذ وغيره

(2) ڇپائي حالتون، مشين جي درستگي سميت، ڇپائيء جو دٻاء، ويٽنگ مائع، وغيره

(3) ڇپائي رنگ جي ترتيب؛

(4) مس پرت جي ٿلهي؛

(5) Ambient temperature and humidity.


The above factors have different degrees of influence on the gray balance of ڪتاب printing. In any gray area, the dot coverage of the green version is the largest, and the dot coverage of the Yellow magenta is basically close. The influence of various factors will lead to the difference in the value of the gray balance.