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Saddle Stitched Book

Saddle stitch binding is at the central spine of the finished product, binding 2~3 needles or sewing to fix the book pages, and then will bind the three sides outside the edge of trimming, complete the form of printed books.
Saddle stitch binding usually for custom booklet printing, magazine printing, child's book printing, catalogue printing and which less than 60 pages' books.
(1) Low price, simple technology;
(2) Printing and binding are completed at one time, and the production speed is fast;
(3) Books can be opened completely open for easy reading;
(4) Editing is easy to do across pages.
(1) The spine will bulge out;
(2) The thicker, the more impact of the horizontal size of the book block, the plate center is easy to run;
(3) When cutting, the edge of spines is easy to damage.
For a book paper: Usually soft cover books the paper use art paper with gloss/matt lamination; The paper stock has 200gsm/250gsm/300gsm/350gsm.
For a notebook, the inner paper uses offset paper or wood-free paper. The paper stock has 60gsm/80gsm/100gsm/120gsm/140gsm/160gsm.
For color book, the inner paper use gloss/matt art paper, the paper stock has 80gsm/105gsm/128gsm/157gsm.
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