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Gloss or matt lamination which is better for catalog printing?

Timp: 2021-01-07 Recunoscute: 4

In many cases, we need to do a lot of technical processing on the imprimare a catalogului, so that the catalogue reading is more in line with the customer's reading habits, and colleagues also make customers more like to understand our products. Vom explica imprimare a catalogului process for everyone today and what is gloss lamination and matt lamination?


Gloss lamination, matt lamination is principle is to coat a special plastic film with a specific film water and then heat and press to bond it with the paper. Produsul rezultat este acoperit cu o laminare lucioasă sau o laminare mată.


Now that we know the principle, let's talk about the circumstances under which it will be used when printing catalogues, care sunt diferențele dintre ele, and what are their effects.


Let me talk about their effects first. The paper covered with gloss lamination and matte lamination has a layer of plastic film on it, so it feels smoother to the touch than uncovered paper, thicker, harder, and not easy to tear. Prin urmare, in terms of quality and appearance, it is much better than uncovered. The way of identification is to tear the paper into a small opening, and there will be a layer of film on the top of the film.


So what is the difference between them?

The surface of the product coated with gloss lamination will reflect light, deosebit de luminos

The products covered with matte lamination are slightly less smooth to the touch, și suprafața nu va fi reflectorizant și strălucitor, și apar un pic mai adânc. Este un pic mai scump fără laminare mată decât laminare luciu.


Based on our past experience, we found that many customers asked for the gloss lamination in the early days, dar treptat toată lumea a simțit că a fost prea luminos și brânzos, so now there are relatively more matt lamination, and everyone feels that the matte lamination looks deep. some.

Let's talk about the general circumstances under which to use.


Since the overlaid paper is thick and hard, it is definitely not suitable for the inner page, so it is generally used for the cover, and it is less used for ordinary product catalogs. In general vorbind, it will be used only if the customer's requirements are higher. Because the use of this process will increase the cost of each product catalog by about 2 cents. The specific price is related to the number of prints, whether it is single-sided or double-sided. The more commonly used products are picture albums, product catalogs and other color printed materials.