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BPC(Bookprintingchina.com)-22 anos de engenhosa impressão de livros

Tempo: 2017-05-22 Exitos: 162

BPC(Bookprintingchina.com)-22 anos de engenhosa impressão de livros

Você ainda está preocupado com a má qualidade dos produtos?? Você ainda está preocupado com o mau serviço das editoras de livros? Are you still worried about the inexperience of book printing companies? Are you still worried that the product is not unique enough? BPC is very responsible for telling you that our quality and service in the printing industry conscientious enterprise good reputation, always for the front end of customer thinking, looking for Bookprintingchina.com will never let you down.


BPC's Books and catálogo Imprensa Factory is a one-stop comfortable service provider integrating pre-press production, impressão, post-press processing and packaging logistics. It has been 22 anos desde 1995. BPC Publishing and Printing Co., Ltd. has focused on making every print for its customers. Nós temos 27 advanced equipments imported from Germany and Japan. Whether it is printing, folding or binding, we mechanize the whole process and have better quality. Over the years, we have cooperated with Haitian Publishing House, Sunshine Sancai Publishing House, Fude Group, Nanpai Sanshu and other authors, publishing houses and foreign trade businessmen. The choice of well-known enterprises at home and abroad is highly praised. We have more than 300 professionals, mais que 10 years of industry experience licensed technicians, exquisite skills, Garantia da Qualidade.


Bookprintingchina.com with a professional attitude, pay attention to your subtle problems, we pass the quality source, excellence, each print from raw materials to finished products, is a quality marathon. It's your professional publishing and printing manufacturer. If you are interested in or doubtful about BPC, you are welcome to consult BPC Printing. The company website is http://www.bookprintingchina.com. Welcome to inquiry us anytime!