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यांगंग स्ट्रीट क्र.५, हायझू जिल्हा, ग्वांगझू शहर, गुआंगडोंग प्रांत, चीनName

What is the cooperation steps?

1: आम्हाला ईमेलद्वारे चौकशी द्या.

2: Quote your price by our sales usually in 1-2hours on working days. 

3: किंमत निश्चित करा& कलाकृती आणि साइन कॉन्टॅक्ट 

4: पूर्वार्धाचे पैसे द्या 

5: पुष्टीसाठी डीएचएलद्वारे आपल्या दारात विनामूल्य डिजिटल नमुने मुक्तपणे बनवा

6: फक्त आपली नमुना मान्यता मिळवा मग मोठ्या प्रमाणात उत्पादनाची व्यवस्था करण्यास सुरवात करा. एकदा छपाई सुरू केली, मग आता बदलू शकत नाही. जर बदलाची गरज असेल तर आपल्याला अतिरिक्त खर्च कव्हर करणे आवश्यक आहे.

7: जेव्हा मोठ्या प्रमाणात उत्पादन संपते, आम्ही तुमच्या पुष्टीसाठी स्पष्ट छायाचित्रे घेऊ. After you confirmed you pay balance. 

8: समुद्र किंवा हवेद्वारे शिपमेंट आपल्या आवश्यकतांवर अवलंबून आहे.

9: तुला पुस्तकं मिळतात, deal finished. 

संपूर्ण पावलांसाठी आम्ही हमी देऊ की आपण पुस्तके सुरक्षितपणे आणि वेगवान आणि उच्च गुणवत्तेमध्ये मिळवू शकता. जर असे घडले तर या मुद्रण प्रक्रियेत आपल्यामुळे काही समस्या उद्भवल्या, आम्ही मुक्तपणे पुनर्मुद्रित करण्याचे किंवा आपले पैसे परत करण्याचे वचन देतो. जर तुमच्या शेवटापासून चुका झाल्या तर, आपण अतिरिक्त प्रिंटिंग खर्च देण्यास सहमत असल्यास आम्ही पुन्हा मुद्रित करू शकतो. 


What kind of artwork do you prefer?

The following are some short tips for you reference, you can also consult with our sales, we will give you our professional advises for your books. Usually our sales will reply you in 1-2hours on working days. 

1: We prefer artwork in PDF format.

2: The pictures is in at least 300DPI.

3: In CMYK colors, not RGB. As RGB will change the to CMYK auto by us. If CMYK we will guarantee print same color as original artwork. 

4: If black text, is better to design 100% black, not compose of CMYK colors. As 100% black is cheaper than CMYK black. 

5: Full bleed each side abt 0.12inchs.(3mm)

6:Convert all text to outlines. 

After get your artwork our designer department will check your artwork carefully to make sure it can print it beautifully. When your artwork is finished pls donot hesitate to send us by wetransfer or dropbox. If some small problems our professional book designers will fix it for you to make sure we can print them nicely. 


Will you company offer free sample confirm firstly then arrange mass printing?

Yes sure we can provide free sample books. 

There are several different choices:

1:If your artwork is not finished, we will select 1-2 sample books similar as your book requirements for you reference. Our samples are free, you just need bear a little shipping cost by air. Usually it is 35usd pay by paypal. 

2:If your artwork is finished, and you also confirmed our quotes, after you paid 50% आगाऊ, we will make free digital sample free shipping by DHL for you confirmation firstly then arrange mass printing. Only get your approval then arrange mass production. 

If you choose us as your book printing supplier, we will make sure you get your books correctly and beautifully. We will control every step well and confirm clearly with you. 24hours one to one warmly service. If you have any book printing needs, donot hesitate to contact us now!

Why digital sample book quality is different from mass printing book quality?

For sample there are several kinds such as PDF proof, digital sample book, offset printing sample. 

Usually news clients like to see physical sample book feel and touch them feel safer to order us. 

Digital sample is done by digital printing machines. So the printing color and binding way are a little different from mass order books quality. Usually we will send our other offset printing books together let you refer our large machines printing quality and binding quality. If you like our digital sample printing color when mass printing we will try to do color checking as per this digital sample if so there is almost no color difference. If not tell we will print as per your original artwork when mass production. 

While offset printing sample is done by large offset machines such as Heidelberg the sample book same completely as final mass order books. But it is very expensive we donot advise new client choose it. If you can accept the printing cost we are also glad to help. 

We are professional book printing for more than 20years, You just need tell your requirements clearly to us our sales will confirm everything clearly with you before production . The best book will show at your door in time. 

How is your book quality?

From making digital sample confirmation---mass printing confirmation---takes clear pictures for confirmation, we control every steps strictly to make sure we do books completely same as per your requirements. We are directly printing factory, all sales are running from office and factory everyday, just for giving you perfect quality books. As we know, you trust us we must cherish this precious trust and do well. Meanwhile you are overseas purchaser, you need pay a lot of shipping fee for those books, we must guarantee they are in high quality standard then ship out. The quality control BookPrintingChina are best. We can promise if happen any quality problem or print mistakes because of us, we will reprint entire batch or refund all your money. Our big goal is keep long term business with you. Choosing BookPrintingChina as your printing partner you never need worry. Give us a trust, we will let you enjoy working with us. 

How to choose shipping way and how long reach to clients? If in case the package is broken during shipment, do you compensate? 

There are two ways to delivery products from China to your door, sea and air. 

By sea is long time but cheap for large bulk order, by air is fast but expensive for small orders. 

For shipping books by sea from Shenzhen, please allow the following amount of time for sailing, customs clearance, and inland trucking to your warehouse.

To Asia destinations: 1 ते 2 weeks

To South America destinations: 5 ते 7 weeks

To US/Canada destinations: 3 ते 6 weeks depending on west(LA,Vancouver) or east cost(NYC,Toronto)

To Australian destinations: 2 ते 3 weeks

To Africa countries: 4 ते 8 weeks

To UK and European destinations: 4 ते 6 weeks

If your books need urgently, you can also choose ship by aie&express such as DHL, FEDEX or UPS. It takes abt 5-7days reach your door. The shipping cost depend on the weight of your package, the cost you can consult with our sales, we will reply you correct price as per your order promptly. 

Our shipping package are strong enough, it will not happen broken accident. If in cased happen any broken or lost accident, you also donot need worry. All your books shipping by air or sea will buy the insurance during whole delivery process, if happened any problems they will compensate the money as per your value write on the shipping invoice. 

What is your packing way?

पॅकिंगगुणवत्तेकडे आम्ही खूप लक्ष देतो. आपल्याला माहित आहे की पुस्तके परिपूर्ण गुणवत्तेच्या मानकामध्ये येतात, परंतु पॅकेजेस मजबूत नसतात प्रसूतीदरम्यान सहजपणे नुकसान होते,जेणेकरून अंतिम परिणाम 0. आम्हाला काय हवे आहे ते म्हणजे आम्हाला उच्च दर देण्यासाठी आणि पुढच्या वेळी आमच्याबरोबर पुनर्क्रमकरण्यासाठी आपल्याला आमची पुस्तके सुरक्षितपणे सुरक्षितपणे मिळवू द्या. We will control every steps very well for you. 


 आमच्या कंपनीत आमच्या सर्व पॅकेजने शिपिंग कंपनीने नंतर सर्वात मजबूत निवडकेली पाहिजे याची खात्री करणे आवश्यक आहे. वॉटरप्रूफ प्लास्टिक बॅगसह आतील + 5एए मजबूत कार्टन + हिरव्या लाकडी पॅलेट + plastic belt wrapped outside. 


What is your production time?

For paperback book printing usually takes 12days, for hardcover books usually takes 15days. The final production time depend on your quantity and your books requirements. 

If your need urgent, I advise you tell us your lead time, such as tell us when you will have final artwork, and when you need them? Then our sales will check with factory and shipping company whether we can meet your time or not. If the time is okay then we take your order, if cannot we will not take it. We take your order we will make sure you will get it 100% on time. We will not cause your in time trouble, we will let factory speed up production day to night for you, and this is for free. No extra cost. 

Meanwhile if your order is bulk delivery and cannot reach on time by sea, we advise you ship small quantity by air in advance, while rest shipping by sea, that can make sure reach on time and save you some money. 

What is payment terms and account?

Our payment terms is 50% आगाऊ, rest paid before shipment by bank transfer. 

If less than 2000usd in order to save bank transfer fee we advise pay in one time. 

We only accept bank transfer for mass order amount, donot accept credit cards. For sample fee less than 200usd we accept paypal. 

Our sales will make PI with all book details and bank account for you confirmation. After you paid half we will make free digital sample free shipping by dhl for you confirmation firstly then arrange mass production. When mass order finished will send you clear pictures for you reference then you pay balance we arrange shipment.