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Leather Bound Book Printing

Leather book printingHigh-Quality Leather Bound Book Printing


There is something truly timeless and luxurious about the feel and look of a well-crafted leather cover. BookPrintingChina offers a range of options and services for printing custom leather bound books. Whether you're a self-published author, a business looking to create a memorable corporate gift, or an individual seeking a unique keepsake, BookPrintingChina is the go-to destination for leather bound book printing.


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Cover Options

One of the most exciting aspects of printing a custom leather bound book is the wide range of cover options available. At BookPrintingChina, you can choose from an array of exquisite materials for your cover, including genuine leather, faux leather, and bonded leather. Each material has its own unique characteristics and appeal.

real leather vs pu leather

Genuine leather is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. It is durable, ages beautifully, and exudes a sense of timeless elegance. Faux leather, on the other hand, provides a more affordable option while still maintaining a similar look and feel to genuine leather. Lastly, bonded leather is created by bonding leather fibers together, resulting in a cost-effective yet durable cover material.

When selecting the color and texture of your leather cover, it's important to consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Whether you prefer a classic, refined look or something more modern and bold. BookPrintingChina offers a wide range of options to suit your preferences.

color options

The leather cover often combine with foil stamping or debossing/embossing to make the cover looks more special and stand out.

Foil Stamping: Foil stamping involves impressing metallic or colored foil onto the cover or spine of the book. This technique adds a luxurious and eye-catching element to your bibles, making them stand out.

Emboss/Deboss: Embossing and debossing are techniques used to create a raised or recessed design on the cover or spine of the book. This adds texture and visual interest to your bibles, enhancing their overall appeal.

More options, please click "finish options".


Inner Paper Stock and Weight

The choice of inner paper stock and weight is just as crucial as selecting the right cover material for your leather bound book. BookPrintingChina offers a variety of paper options, including coated and uncoated paper, as well as different weights ranging from lightweight to heavyweight.

paper for graphic novel printing

Coated paper, with its smooth and glossy finish, is ideal for vibrant and detailed illustrations or photographs. It enhances the overall visual impact of your book and ensures that colors appear vibrant and sharp. On the other hand, uncoated paper has a more natural and textured feel, which can lend a sense of warmth and authenticity to your book.

The weight of the paper refers to its thickness and durability. A heavier weight paper, such as 120gsm or 150gsm, is recommended for leather bound books as it provides a more substantial and luxurious feel. However, the choice of paper weight ultimately depends on the type of content you plan to include in your book. For text-heavy books, a lighter weight paper may be more suitable to ensure comfortable reading.

Common inner paper weight for leather book

  • 105gsm/71 lb coated text paper
  • 128gsm/86 lb coated text paper
  • 157gsm/106 lb coated text paper
  • 80gsm/54 lb uncoated text paper
  • 100gsm/68 lb uncoated text paper
  • 120gsm/81 lb uncoated text paper


Binding Ways

When it comes to binding leather bound books, BookPrintingChina often recommend two popular options: flexible binding and sew hardcover binding. Each binding method has its own advantages and considerations, depending on the desired look and functionality of the book.

Flexible binding

There is a special technique that combines the best of both softcover and hardcover bindings - semi-hardcover binding. Also known as soft hardcover, half hardcover, or flexible binding. This method offers a unique balance between durability and flexibility. Semi-hardcover binding involves attaching a flexible cover to the spine of a book, providing a protective layer that is sturdier than a traditional softcover but more pliable than a hardcover.

Flexible binding allows the book to lie flat when opened, making it ideal for journals, notebooks, bible book. However, it may not be as durable as sew hardcover binding, especially for books with heavier or thicker pages.


hardcover bible printing

Sew hardcover binding

Sew hardcover binding, as the name suggests, involves sewing the inner pages together before attaching them to the cover. This binding method ensures maximum durability and longevity. Making it suitable for books that will be frequently handled or have thicker pages. Sew hardcover binding also allows for the addition of decorative end papers, ribbons, and other embellishments, further enhancing the overall aesthetic of your leather bound book.


wire-o bindingWire-o binding

Wire-o binding is a versatile and cost-effective option that allows your book to lay flat when opened, making it ideal for photo books, journals, and notebooks. This binding method involves punching holes along the left edge of the pages and inserting a metal wire to hold them together. It provides excellent durability and flexibility, ensuring that your book can withstand frequent use and remain intact over time.


Leather Bound Book Sizes

When it comes to the size of your leather bound book, BookPrintingChina offers a range of popular options to choose from. The most common sizes for leather bound books are:

A4, A5 and B5-These sizes are often used for notebooks, journals, planners. They provide a comfortable reading experience.

6" x 9" - This size is often used for journal, bible, coffee table book. It provides a comfortable reading experience and is widely recognized as a standard book size.

8.5" x 11" - This size is commonly used for art books, photography books, diary. It allows for larger text and images, making it suitable for educational or instructional materials.

9" x 12" - This size is often chosen for art books, photography books, and coffee table books. It provides ample space to showcase large, high-quality images.

Of course, these are just a few examples of popular sizes. BookPrintingChina can accommodate custom sizes based on your specific requirements and vision for your leather bound book.


Artwork Tips

Designing the artwork for your leather bound book is a crucial step in creating a visually stunning and cohesive finished product. Here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

Correct size: Make sure your file is in the correct size before sending it to leather bound book printing company.

Image resolution: all images used in your book design must be saved out at 300dpi for the highest quality printed result.

Color format: Your file must be saved out in CMYK color format to ensure print correctly.

Bleed: If you have any artwork that runs to the edge of paper, you need to set up a 0.125 inches bleed to all four sides of your artwork.

Outlined fonts: Outline your fonts in Illustrator or Photoshop, and do the same in Indesign or package your Indesign file to send over.

File types: Usually, we prefer PDF file, but also accept Illustrator or Photoshop and Indesign files.

More artwork design tips, please visit " artwork" .

For more information and to start your leather bound book printing journey, contact us today.

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