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Which lamination is suitable for magazine printing?

Ore: 2021-09-18 Hits: 19


Many times, we need to do a lot of process processing for the magazine printing, so that the instructions can be read more in line with customers' reading habits, and make customers more like to understand esso. Now let the professional China printing company explain the rivista stampa Cina process. What is laminazione lucida and matte lamination?


Its principle is to apply a special plastic film with a specific glue, and then heat and press it to bond with the paper. The product formed is over the glossy film or matte film. When printing rivista, under what circumstances will the film be covered, what is the difference between them and what is the effect.


Let's start with their effects. The paper with glossy film and the matte film has a layer of plastic film on it, so it feels smoother, thicker, harder and not easy to tear. Quindi, no matter in terms of quality and appearance, it is better than never before. By tearing a small opening in the paper, there will be a film if with laminated.


So what's the difference between them?


The surface of the product from the gloss film will reflect light, especially bright


The products that have matte film feel a little less smooth, and the surface will not reflect and shine, so it looks deeper. But laminazione opaca is a little more expensive than gloss glue


According to our past experience, we found that a lot of customers asked for the glossy film very early, but gradually everyone felt that it was too bright and tacky, so now there are relatively more matte films, and everyone felt that the matte film was deeper.


Now let's talk about the general conditions of use.


Since the paper is thick and hard, it is certainly not suitable for the inner page, so it is generally used for the cover. Generalmente, only those with high customer requirements can be used. Because using this process will increase the cost of each product by about 20 cents. The specific price is related to the printing quantity, whether it is single-sided or double-sided. The products used more are color printed come stampa di riviste and so on. The specific use depends on the customer's own positioning. 


Now If you want to spend less money to print your magazines, please do not hesitate to contattaci, we will guide you how you make the cheap magazine printing.