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Notebook & Naplókönyv

Notebook and Jornal Book Printing

Notebook is widely used, no matter students or teachers, employees or bosses, they need more than on notebook every year. So the notebook market is very big, ha azt szeretnénk, hogy egy helyet a piacon, we can help you through print your notebook in high end quality.

Sokféle jegyzetfüzet vagy naplókönyv létezik., including soft cover, hardcover, spiral& wire-o and saddle stitch binding. Általában, the inside pages for a notebook or Journal book is uncoated paper, because this type of paper can be easy to write on. Regarding the cover, you can choose different cover material from different binding ways. If you prefer softcover then you can use coated paper/uncoated paper/special paper. If you like a hardcover binding you can choose from paper/cloth/leather.

Most of the notebook the inner pages are lines pages design, while Journals are character designs. We can do customized printing as your design.