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Based on the digitized production control information, the digital workflow is combining the pre-press image processing data, printing process data and post-press processing data into an indivisible digital system, so that the digitized graphic information data can be transmitted to all links in a complete and accurate manner, and finally processed into printed products.


Tam sim no, customer requirements for printing products are shorter and shorter delivery time, higher and higher quality, less printing, more varieties, lower unit price, thiab lwm yam. How to produce products to meet the quality requirements of customers in a shorter time is an urgent problem to be solved. And using ink presets in the digital workflow can solve this problem effectively.


1. The prepress digital workflow produces the PPF file

Digital workflow includes two parts: graphic information flow and control information flow. Graphic information flow is to solve the problem of "what to do". And control information solves the "how to do" and "how about it" problem. A PPF file is a document that allows the printing press to produce "presets of inks" by means of a collage. Ink presets are using control information in the digital workflow.

2. Print cip3/4 control system

Printing factory generally develop cip3/4 control systems that work closely with their printers.


3. Printing ink presetting system

The cip3/4 control system generates ink key signals and thumbnails that are transmitted to the printer's console for ink presets.


Ink presetting technology is an indispensable technology for printing production to enter the digital era. It has changed the traditional printing operation mode based on human subjective experience, and has promoted the transformation of printing production to automation, intelligence and datalization effectively, which has become one of the most important parts of printing digital workflow.


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