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Gloss lossis matt lamination uas tsim nyog rau kev luam ntawv catalog?

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Many times, we need to do a lot of technical processing on the catalog luam ntawv, so that the catalogue reading is more in line with the customer's reading habits, and at the same time, let customers more like to understand our products. We will explain the catalogue printing process for everyone today.


What is gloss laminate and matt laminate?


The principle of laminating is to coat a special plastic film with a specific glue and then heat and press to stick it with the paper.


Tam sim no cia lub Tuam Tshoj printing tuam txhab talk about which will be used when printing manuals, what are the differences between them, and what effects they have.


For their effects first. The paper has passed the thin film, so it feels smoother, thicker, harder, and not easy to tear. The quality and appearance are much better than without laminate. The way to distinguish is to tear the paper, and there will be a layer of film on the top of paper.


So what is the difference between them?

The gloss laminate product will reflect light.

The products with matt laminate feel a little less smooth to the touch, and the surface will not be reflective and shiny, and will look a little deeper. But the matte laminate is a little bit more expensive than the gloss laminate. 


Since the paper out through thick and hard, definitely not suitable for inside pages, it is generally only cover use, but less than ordinary products used in the specification. Generally speaking, it will be used only if the customer's requirements are higher. Because if use of this process will increase the cost of each product manual by about 2 cents. The specific price is related to the number of prints, whether it is single-sided or double-sided laminate. The more commonly used products are color-printed prints such as picture albums and product catalogs.


If you need to find the pheej yig catalog luam ntawv, thov tsis txhob yig hu rau peb, as one of the best tshuab luam ntawv hauv Suav teb, we will provide you with the perfect Tuam Tshoj luam ntawv kev pabcuam.