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Hardcover Book Printing

What is a hardcover book? Hardcover books are known by several names: case bound, hardback, sewn hardcover binding and bond book. Our hardcover book is binding with glued and sewn, which can be opened flat and used for longer.. We often custom hardcover book with round spine or square spine.
Why do people choose their book as a hardcover book? The main reason I think is it looks elegant and durable. You can imagine a writer who has worked for years to write a book and wants to print it as a masterpiece, making it a collector’s item for every reader.
Our company can help everyone realize this dream, no matter how complicated your job it is, our factory can arrange in perfect quality, as our machines here are one entire set advanced for book printing, and we own an experienced team.
A hardcover book has many advantages. Customers can choose the cover of different materials according to their preference. Such as cloth cover, leather cover, cloth and paper combined cover, etc. A unique cover design can help you attract more readers.
As an offset printing factory who has over 20 years of printing experience, we are a good choice for you. Besides hardcover book we have other varied array of printing and binding services for you to choose. You can choose from options like perfect bound book printing, Wire O book printing, saddle stitched book printing, etc.

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