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Graphic Novel Printing

What's graphic novel? Graphic novel is a type that add painting art into novel creation. It is a novel created with painting as an expression medium and art material. This kind of novel directly expresses the characters and plot of the novel to the reader's vision with continuous or discontinuous image pictures. Graphic novels are different from comics. What's the difference between graphic novel and comic book?
Because of graphic novel constantly increasing sales. More and more publishers expand graphic novel printing. BookPrintingChina with years of rich graphic novel printing experiences. And provide many kinds of graphic novel printing services for publishers. Such as hardcover graphic novel printing, saddle stitched graphic novel printing, spiral graphic novel printing, etc. Whether do graphic novel printing or comic book printing, we can do it with high quality.
How to get a book printing quote? Please contact sales@bookprintingchina.com. Our team will give you a quotation in 1-2 hours.

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