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Gift Box

gift box printingCustomized Gift Box Printing Service


As a leading provider of custom gift box printing manufacturer. BookPrintingChina offers a wide range of materials and printing techniques to bring your packaging to life. From paper to special finish options, our printing services cater to various needs. If you don't know where to start, we also have lots of resources for your reference.


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In daily life, the gift boxes we often see are health care gift box, moon cake gift box, electronic gift box, cosmetic gift box, public relations gift box, etc. Different kinds of gift boxes, because which usage is different, the making material will have a little different.



At BookPrintingChina, we offer a range of material options to suit your specific requirements. For custom gift box printing, we often use coated paper, matte paper, special paper, gray board or white board, etc.

paper for box printing

Our glossy and matte coated papers are popular choices for their smooth finish and ability to showcase vibrant colors. The coated surface provides excellent printability, making it ideal for intricate designs and high-resolution images.

On the other hand, C1S paper, which stands for "coated one side," offers a glossy finish on one side and a natural uncoated surface on the other, providing versatility in design possibilities. Additionally, we also provide special paper options, such as textured or recycled paper, for those seeking a more unique and environmentally friendly appeal.

Custom gift box often uses 157gsm-210gsm coated paper or matte art paper, and mounted 800gsm-1200gsm double gray board or white board; also can use 250sm-350gsm white board or special paper to custom the gift box.

When selecting the material for your custom gift box, consider the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Glossy coated paper exudes a modern and luxurious feel, while matte coated paper offers a more understated and elegant look. Special papers can add a touch of individuality and sustainability to your packaging.

The choice of material not only impacts the visual appeal of the gift box but also influences its durability and tactile experience. Our experts are here to guiding you through the material selection process. Ensuring that your custom gift boxes are not only visually striking but also durable and functional.


Printing Techniques

BookPrintingChina employs a range of printing techniques to bring your custom gift box designs to life. Whether you're looking for vibrant full-color printing or precise Pantone color matching, our printing capabilities ensure that your artwork is reproduced with exceptional clarity and accuracy.

cmyk offset printingCMYK offset printing

CMYK offset printing, also known as 4-color process printing, is a widely used technique for achieving full-color reproduction. By combining the four primary ink colors—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black—this method can accurately reproduce a wide spectrum of hues and tones. This makes it ideal for intricate and detailed designs that require precise color rendering.

At BookPrintingChina, our state-of-the-art offset printing equipment ensures consistent and high-quality results, allowing for vivid and eye-catching custom gift box designs. Whether it's photographic imagery, complex patterns, or multi-colored artwork, CMYK offset printing delivers exceptional print quality with sharp detail and color accuracy.


pantone color printingPantone color printing

For projects that require precise color matching, Pantone color printing offers a solution that ensures consistency and accuracy across different print runs. Pantone, also known as PMS (Pantone Matching System), is a standardized color matching system that allows for the reproduction of specific colors with precision. This is particularly important for maintaining brand colors and ensuring uniformity across various printed materials.

BookPrintingChina's Pantone color printing capabilities enable us to match and reproduce your custom gift box designs with exacting color fidelity. Whether it's a specific corporate color, brand logo, or custom artwork, our expertise in Pantone color printing ensures that your packaging reflects the intended color scheme with unparalleled consistency.


uv printingUV printing

UV printing, or ultraviolet printing, is a versatile and advanced printing technique that offers a range of benefits for custom gift box printing. This method involves the use of UV-curable inks that are instantly cured and dried using ultraviolet light. The result is vibrant and durable printing that stands out with exceptional color saturation and detail.

BookPrintingChina's UV printing capabilities allow for stunning effects and enhancements on custom gift boxes, including raised textures, glossy accents, and special finishes. Whether it's adding tactile elements to the packaging, creating eye-catching spot varnishes, or incorporating intricate patterns with precision, UV printing offers endless possibilities for elevating the visual impact of your gift box designs.


silk printingSilk printing

Silk printing, also known as screen printing, is a traditional yet effective method for custom gift box printing. This technique involves transferring ink through a fine mesh screen onto the printing surface, resulting in precise and durable prints. Silk printing is well-suited for bold graphics, solid colors, and designs that require opaque coverage.

BookPrintingChina's silk printing expertise ensures that your custom gift box designs are reproduced with crisp detail and vibrant colors. Whether it's intricate patterns, solid logos, or bold typography, silk printing delivers enduring results that withstand handling and environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for impactful and long-lasting packaging.


Finish Options

The finish options available for custom printing gift boxes play a crucial role in enhancing their visual appeal and tactile experience. At BookPrintingChina, we offer a variety of finish options that add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your gift box design. From lamination to varnish, our diverse range of finish options allows you to elevate the presentation of your gift boxes to new heights.

finish options

Glossy/matte lamination

Lamination is a popular finishing option that involves applying a thin layer of plastic film to the surface of the custom gift box. Glossy lamination enhances the vibrancy of colors and provides a high-shine, reflective finish, while matte lamination offers a subtle and elegant look with a soft, non-reflective surface. Both options provide protection against wear and tear, making them ideal for custom gift boxes intended for retail display or gifting.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a luxurious finish option that adds metallic or colored foil to specific areas of the custom gift box design. This technique creates a captivating visual impact and imparts a sense of elegance and refinement. Whether you opt for gold, silver, or a custom foil color, foil stamping elevates the perceived value of your custom gift boxes and lends a sophisticated touch to branding elements and intricate details.

Spot UV

Spot UV, also known as spot varnish, involves applying a glossy and transparent coating to select areas of the custom gift box design. This technique creates a striking contrast between matte and glossy surfaces, allowing for the accentuation of specific design elements, text, or patterns. Spot UV adds dimension and tactile interest to the custom gift box, making it an effective way to draw attention to key visual elements and create a memorable unboxing experience.


Embossing and debossing are tactile finishing techniques that create raised or recessed impressions on the surface of the gift box. Embossing raises specific design elements, such as logos or patterns, to add texture and visual interest, while debossing creates indented impressions for a subtle and sophisticated effect. These techniques add a tactile dimension to the gift box, inviting recipients to engage with the packaging and leaving a lasting impression of craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Varnish, a clear liquid coating, can be applied to the entire surface of the gift box or specific areas to create a range of effects, including matte, satin, or high-gloss finishes. Varnish enhances the durability of the packaging while adding a refined and professional touch to the overall presentation. Whether you prefer a subtle sheen or a bold, glossy finish, varnish offers versatility in customizing the look and feel of your gift boxes.

The selection of finish options allows you to tailor the visual and tactile characteristics of your custom printed gift boxes to align with your branding and design vision. Our team at BookPrintingChina is dedicated to assisting you in choosing the most suitable finish options to elevate the appeal and functionality of your custom gift boxes.


Box Shapes and Lining Options

The shape and structure of a custom gift box are integral to its visual impact and functionality. At BookPrintingChina, we offer a diverse range of box shapes and lining options to accommodate various product dimensions and presentation preferences. Whether you are looking for a sleek and contemporary design or a classic and elegant form, our customizable box shapes and lining options enable you to create tailored packaging solutions that reflect your brand identity and captivate your audience.

Box shapes

custom box style

The choice of box shape contributes significantly to the overall aesthetic and functionality of custom gift boxes. We offer a variety of box styles, including but not limited to:

Folding carton boxes: Ideal for lightweight products and gifts, folding carton boxes are versatile and can be customized in various shapes and sizes. They are well-suited for retail display and gifting purposes, providing a cost-effective and visually appealing packaging solution.

Rigid boxes: Rigid boxes, also known as set-up boxes, are characterized by their sturdy construction and premium feel. These boxes offer enhanced protection for the enclosed items and are often used for luxury and high-end products. With the option to customize the box structure and add decorative elements, rigid boxes provide a sophisticated and impactful packaging solution.

Drawer boxes: Drawer boxes feature a sliding drawer design that adds an element of interactivity and elegance to the unboxing experience. These boxes are well-suited for premium gifts and products, allowing for seamless access to the contents while maintaining a visually striking presentation.

Round boxes: Round boxes, also referred to as cylinder or tube boxes, offer a unique and eye-catching packaging solution for a variety of products. Their distinctive shape creates visual interest and provides ample space for branding and design elements, making them an ideal choice for promotional and gift packaging.

For those seeking a truly distinctive packaging solution, we offer the option to create custom shapes that align with your brand identity and product requirements. Whether you envision a novelty shape or a unique structural design, our capabilities in custom box shaping allow you to stand out in the market and leave a lasting impression.

Lining options

The lining of a custom gift box adds a layer of protection and refinement, elevating the overall presentation and enhancing the unboxing experience. Our selection of lining options includes:

box lining options


Paperboard insert: Paperboard inserts provide a secure and cushioned compartment for products, ensuring their safe transportation and display. These inserts can be customized to accommodate various product shapes and sizes, offering a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution for product packaging.

Velvet lining: Velvet lining exudes luxury and sophistication, creating a soft and plush interior for custom gift boxes. This lining option adds a premium touch to the packaging and enhances the perceived value of the enclosed items, making it an ideal choice for high-end gifts and luxury products.

Silk fabric lining: Silk fabric lining offers a smooth and elegant interior surface for custom gift boxes, providing a luxurious tactile experience and a visually appealing backdrop for the enclosed items. This lining option adds a sense of refinement and opulence to the packaging, making it well-suited for upscale gifts and promotional packaging.

The choice of lining options allows you to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your custom gift boxes, ensuring that they not only protect the enclosed items but also elevate the overall presentation and unboxing experience.


Artwork Tips

Setting up the pre-press file for custom gift box printing is a critical step that ensures the accurate reproduction of your design and artwork. At BookPrintingChina, we prioritize the seamless translation of your creative vision into impeccably printed custom gift boxes. Understanding the key considerations and best practices for setting up the pre-press file is essential in achieving optimal printing results and streamlining the production process.

Design Specifications: When preparing the pre-press file for custom gift box printing, it is essential to adhere to specific design specifications to ensure compatibility with the printing process. These specifications include:

Dimensions and bleed: Provide accurate dimensions for the custom gift box, including the length, width, and height, as well as any required bleed areas to accommodate for trimming during the printing and finishing processes.

Color mode: Specify the color mode as CMYK or Pantone, depending on the printing requirements and the intended color accuracy of the design. Ensure that all color elements are accurately defined to achieve the desired color reproduction.

Resolution and image quality: Maintain a minimum resolution of 300 DPI for all images and graphics to ensure sharp and detailed prints. Verify the quality and integrity of images to prevent pixelation or distortion in the final printed output.

File format: Save the pre-press file in a print-ready format, such as PDF, with embedded fonts and high-quality image compression to facilitate seamless processing and printing.


Artwork Guidelines

Incorporating artwork guidelines into the pre-press file is crucial for ensuring the accurate reproduction of design elements and maintaining consistency across the print run. Consider the following artwork guidelines when setting up the pre-press file:

Vector graphics: Utilize vector-based graphics for logos, text, and other design elements to ensure scalability and precision in printing. Convert all text to outlines to avoid font compatibility issues.

Color profiles: Embed color profiles and ensure color accuracy by referencing Pantone swatches or providing detailed color specifications for spot colors.

Layer organization: Organize design elements into distinct layers for ease of editing and manipulation, facilitating efficient communication of design intent to the printing team.

Die lines and folds: Include die lines and folding indicators to accurately depict the structural layout of the custom gift box, enabling precise cutting and assembly during production.

Custom gift box printing at BookPrintingChina offers a comprehensive range of options to meet your needs. Whether it's a folded paper gift box with custom printing, cardboard gift box printing, or product gift box printing, our capabilities and expertise ensure that your customized gift boxes make a lasting impression. With a focus on quality, precision, and creativity, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that elevate your brand and products. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and elevate your packaging with custom gift box printing.

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