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Buannachdan clò-bhualadh stiogair an coimeas ri bileagan traidiseanta

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sticker pritning 

Compared with traditional labels, Smiogaida stiogair Clò-bhualadh has improved many aspects. For example, traditional labels need to go through the process of brushing and pasting to get results. stiogair labels have not been Need to brush glue, no paste, no need to dip in water, and will not cause pollution to the environment. What is more convenient is that the stiogair label material is selected for the current stiogair label, and the paper, film or other special material is cited as the fabric, and the adhesive is coated on the back of it, and the silicon-coated protective paper is used as the base paper. After printing and film cutting process, the type data becomes the product label, which greatly saves the labeling time.


So how to find a trustworthy Sìona clò-bhualadh stiogair companaidh?


1. Choose according to the different classifications of stiogair printing and their respective characteristics. Different types of materials have different characteristics such as printability, transparency, tearability, softness and stiffness, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc. depending on the use of the label. For example, if it is used for product identification in a supermarket, paper should be selected. Label materials with strong adhesiveness. Labels on products in freezers or refrigerators should choose low-temperature-resistant surface materials and acrylic adhesives. On the contrary, labels on heating appliances such as motors should choose high-temperature-resistant PET materials.

2. Choose according to the characteristics of the substrate substrate. The label and the sticker are used together. To make the two seamless", the characteristics of the substrate must be considered. The product or packaging material has their own characteristics. The composition of the substrate is different from the label. The ability to bind limbs is also different, and the shape of the substrate requires different flexibility and stretchability of the label.

3. Choose according to your environment. For example, the storage environment and transportation environment of stiogair printing should consider whether the temperature, humidity, temperature difference scale is indoor or outdoor, whether there is direct sunlight, and so on.


Tha sinn air a bhith aon de na rudan as fheàrr professional book clò-bhualadairs ann an Sìona for more than 20 years. You can cuir fios thugainn for any printing-related knowledge at any time.