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Problèmes auxquels il faut prêter attention avant que les documents ne soient livrés aux imprimeurs de livres

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Lorsque les documents d'impression sont envoyés au book printers in china for production, in addition to checking the text rotation, picture pixels and links, the following problems must be paid attention to:


1. Select the commonly used design and production software, such as Indd, and try not to use Word et Excel.


2. le couleurs of the pictures in the œuvres d'art must be CMYK couleurs, avec La résolution at least 300 * 300dpi / pixel / inch.


3. Check whether the text in the publication is four-color. If so, change it to monochrome 100% black.


4. If le PageMaker, Weisi, founder and illustrator are used, the linked image file must be copied together with the original file.

5. Photoshop files are preferably PSD (unconsolidated layers) files to facilitate modification.


6. Try to use common fonts, such as founder and wending. Try not to use rare fonts. If it has been used, CorelDRAW and illustrator first convert the text to the outline mode to avoid the problem that the output cannot be output because there is no such font in the output center. If there is a supplementary word file, the supplementary word file must be copied together.


7. Clearly inform book printers in china that the finished product size, printing volume, printing paper, etc. of the printed matter, so as to facilitate plate making and screen hanging.


8. If the contents of the two pages are the same, but the black text is different (often encountered), you only need to output the CMYK four colors on the first page and the K color on the second page.

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