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Comparaison du pelliculage mat et brillant dans l'impression de livres

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1. What is lamination?

Le transparent laminageis perfectly covered on the surface of the livre through hot pressing technology, and the effect is smooth and bright, which not only increases the stiffness of the paper, but also is more resistant to dirt and durable. There are two types of lamination, l'un est gloss lamination et l'autre est stratification mate. The basic advantages are the same. The difference in personality is that the gloss lamination makes the color of the book more vivid, and the stratification mate makes the book more high-end. In practical applications, the vast majority of customers choose stratification mateet it is generally recognized.


2. Do books have to be feuilleté?

Besoining to refer to the factors of paper. If the paper is heavy and thick, such as 250 grams, 300 grams, when folded, the brittleness of the paper itself will cause the crease to crack, and then the ink will drop. In the impression de livre et  binding process, if a large picture of a cross-page appears in the crease position during the design of the cover and inner page, there will be intermittent white bars, which will affect the final presentation of the book. Then the laminage can protect the paper from cracking, so the cover of the book is generally covered with laminage. We start from 200 grams, and when it is thicker, it must be covered. When it is thinner than 200 grams, it is difficult to crack, so there is no need to stratifié it. Generally, if the inner page of the printed book is about 157 grams or less, the coating can be omitted, and the inner text does not need to be coated.


3. Are there any disadvantages to lamination?

There is no good or bad in the post-production process of any impression de livre, only if it is used or not. The possible disadvantage of the lamination is that it is not easy to write, the stratification mate can barely write, and the gloss lamination is almost impossible to write. Therefore, if you plan to write information in these locations, you need to pay attention to it in advance to avoid wrong selection and lead to unchanged later applications. Secondly, the disadvantage of the laminage is that it is not conducive to environmental protection. The hot-pressed laminageis not easy to decompose, which is a burden to the global environment. However, due to the needs of commercial competition, the lamination usually doit être couvert.


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