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Miksi pitää painaa lastenkirja lasten luettavaksi?

Aika: 2022-08-05 Osumat: 2



As the "first book in life", lasten kirjojen painatus on been recognized by the world as the most suitable books for children to read. The reason is that the characteristics of picture books are very consistent with the characteristics of children's psychological development.


The creation of children's books is a creation of a pre-existing audience. The degree of understanding of children and whether they can accurately reflect children's abilities and interests in the works will affect whether children can enter the works. This is the real reason whylapset"sbooks can be recognized from the hearts of children. Because mukautettuja lapsia"s kirjan painatus on the following characteristics suitable for children:


1. The theme is clear and prominent and easy for children to understand.

Yleisesti ottaen alapset"sbook has only one theme, which conforms to the cognitive characteristics of children and is easy for children to understand.


2. The language is simple and concise, lively, in line with the characteristics of children's age.

The text in thelapsetbook is veryvähemmän, but because ofthe less text, the requirements for the author are higher. Minät must be concise and use short words to construct a story with ups and downs; it must be funny and lively, in line with children's language habits. Therefore, the authors oflapset"sbooks often carefully scrutinize the text and temper it again and again.


3. The structure is simple, the plot is interesting, and the imagination is rich.

Suurin osa lasten kirjojen painatus are things that happen around children, but because the author stands on the children's standpoint, these common trifles have become interesting things that children like to see and hear. In thelapsetbook, children can follow the development of the storyline, which satisfies children's curiosity and spirit of exploration.


4. It is playful and happy, and can bring happiness to children.

A major feature of picture books is the use of pictures to tell stories, which not only reduces the barriers to writing, but also provides flexibility for the elaboration of book content. However,lapset"sbooks are not only this, especially in the picture books for children before the age of 3, the author uses visual stimuli, but also integrates other perceptual stimuli at the same time, while giving thelapsetbook "playability", it is more prominent.The interactive process between children andlapsetbooks is full of playfulness, and this feature becomes more and more obvious with the development oflapset"skirjat.


5. The aesthetic artistry of healthy and uplifting and good taste.

Children's aesthetic psychology is very different before and after the age of 4. It is generally believed that children before the age of 4 can only recognize individual parts of the object. Therefore, books for preschoolers are not suitable for full pages of text in the first place. Images with bright colors and exaggerated shapes are more likely to catch their eye.So it also a big challenge for children's book printersAs a work of art combining text and pictures,lapset books are of high quality and can meet children's artistic aesthetic needs.


6. "Idealism" has a strong color, which is non-utilitarian and subtle.

Lapsetbooks are books that bring hope to children, with a strong sense of idealism. After the age of 4 and 5, children enter the stage of symbolic thinking. With the increasing complexity of psychology, they may encounter many puzzles that they have never encountered before, such as "death", "sex", and "Oedipus complex", which are all lethal. Adults are more taboo, but children are bound to experience psychological problems.Lapsetbooks have a variety of means of expression. Its color and layout can be adjusted according to children's bearing capacity and content needs, becoming a mirror or a voice, subtly affecting children.

Children perceive the world around them in the most relaxed and natural form—seeing with eyes and listening with ears—andlapsetbooks rely on the concrete and condensed image world and catchy language to satisfy children’s visual and auditory needs,and thus guide them to understand the world around them with interest. For children, a goodlapsetbook is undoubtedly a mysterious and colorful world.