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Millainen paperi korkealaatuiseen valokuvakirjatulostukseen?

Aika: 2021-12-31 Osumat: 15


Laatu valokuvakirja tulostus is not only related to printing technology, but also to the choice of paper. So, what kind of paper is more suitable for valokuvakirjojen tulostus? Next, Kiinan painoyritys will show you the materials commonly used for picture album printing.

Currently, book printing usually uses two materials, one is coated paper, and the other is matte paper. If it is more recommended to use photo album images, then päällystetty paper is recommended because päällystetty paper is brighter and the printed image is brighter. If the valokuvakirja has more text, you can use matte paper. The characteristic of the matta paperi is bright and soft. The matte paperi looks slightly layered and the paper is hard. With the intensified market competition, many kirjojen painatus yritykset are not satisfied with the choice of double-layer copper, matte powder or book paper printing albums, but choose high-end specialty paper to print high-end valokuvakirja.

Why do you choose coated paper for valokuvakirja tulostus, and what advantages does it have?

The main raw materials of coated paper are coated base paper and paint. The requirements for copper-based paper are uniform thickness, small stretch, high strength and good water resistance. There are no traces of paper on the surface of the paper, such as spots, wrinkles and perforations. Paint coatings consist of high-quality white pigments, binders and auxiliary additives. The coating with high fluidity and high solid content is uniformly coated on the base paper by a coating machine, then dried, rolled on a winder and sent to a super calender for pressure. Finishing, cutting, paper selection, packaging.

Commonly used books on the market are: double päällystetty paperi valokuvakirjat, matte paper valokuvakirjat, super sensitive paper valokuvakirjat, pearl paper valokuvakirjat and other special paper valokuvakirjat. Each sheet of paper is printed differently. If you want to perfectly display the company's photo album or catalog, you must carefully choose a professional Kiina painoyritys työskennellä yhdessä with, it will be turvallisemmin.