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What are the differences between corrugated boxes and ordinary cartons?

Aika: 2022-06-18 Osumat: 4



Carton is a relatively common material for packaging goods. Many goods are packed with it. In addition to those relatively special products, in order to achieve better and more complete packaging, but the carton is used for packaging. There are various types, and different cartonswith different paper box material, Niinbelow the professional tulostimet Kiinassa esittelee the difference between corrugated laatikkoja tavallinen paperi laatikko:


1. Aallotettulaatikkois made into corrugated box after die-cutting, creasing, nail box or glue box. Corrugated carton is a widely used packaging product, and its dosage has always been the first of various packaging products. Therefore,monet paperirasian tulostaminen manufacturers are producing a large number of carton boxes and corrugated boxes.


2. The carton box is designed to be easy to destroy, easy to recycle, and can ensure stable quality of finished products, reasonable price, and easy processing, so it is widely welcomed by the society.


3. Pakkauslaatikkois currently the most widely used and widely used form of decoration in internal and external packaging. The reason is that paperi laatikko materiaali is generally easy to obtain, a wide variety of colors, complete specifications, and convenient processing.




The material of the ordinary cXIXlaatikkois single, and the structure of the corrugated box is completely different. Carton boxes are made of heavy pulp sheets and don't provide enough protection. Corrugated boxes are layered to provide extra security for the contents inside. A closer look reveals the hem cut on the corrugated box, which acts as an intermediate layer between the inner and outer layers. Inner lining, outer lining and a type of fluted corrugated cardboard in between. This design creates a strong and stable paperi laatikko materiaali.


Both carton boxes and corrugated boxes work well for packaging. It all depends on the product you are shipping. If strength and load-carrying capacity are what you're after, then corrugated boxes may be just what you need. Corrugated boxes have a cushioning effect to protect items from all external forces. For small and light items, carton boxes may be better and more cost-effective. 


At last, if you have any needs for paper box printing, or and printing needs for magnet rigid carton custom, the above is the important thing which needs to be paid attention.