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Katalogitulostusasiakirjan vektorikuva ja bittikartta

Aika: 2021-07-05 Osumat: 8

The difference between vector image and bitmap of luettelo printing document


Vector graphics use functions to record the color, size and other attributes in graphics of katalogin painatus. The most important feature is that any enlargement or reduction of the object or image produced by the vector software will not distort the image and reduce the quality, and will not affect the size of the file. Vector graphics can show a clear outline, often used to make some logo graphics. The software for making vector graph generally includes FreeHand, STRATON and CorelDRAW.


Bitmap image is composed of many color grids. Each grid is called a pixel, and each pixel has a specific position and color value. If you enlarge the bitmap image, you will find mosaic like pixels. Photo shop is a bitmap production software.


On the relationship between vector graph and bitmap of halpa luettelotulostus asiakirja.


Bitmap and vector graphics are two concepts in computer graphics, which are widely used in publishing, printing, Internet and other aspects.


They have their advantages and disadvantages, and their advantages are almost irreplaceable. Therefore, vector graph and bitmap have been in equal swing in application for a long time.


Vector map and bitmap can be combined in application, such as embedding bitmap in vector file to achieve special effect, such as vector modeling and bitmap mapping in 3D image to achieve realistic visual effect.