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How to choose the materials for picture album printing?--Coated paper

Aika: 2022-01-04 Osumat: 16

valokuvakirjojen tulostus 

When we print valokuvakirjat, the selection of materials directly affects the printing quality. Regarding whether the coated paper is still matte paper, many customers are more entangled. Kiinan painoyritys will take you to learn about these two materials.

1. First of all, from a perceptual point of view, the basic difference between coated paper and matte paper is smoothness. Matte paper does not reflect any light, but coated paper is different and brighter.

2. Secondly, from the point of view of printing effect, there are also differences between them:

1) Coated paper, also called coated paper, is made by applying white pulp to base paper and calendering it. The paper has a smooth surface, high whiteness, uniform distribution of paper fibers, uniform thickness, low stretchability, elasticity, water resistance and stretchability, as well as good ink absorption and absorption.

Coated paper has good gloss and color, and is mainly used for printing books and illustrations, color pictures, various exquisite product advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks, etc.

2) The official name of matte paper is matte coated paper. When observed under sunlight, the reflectance is not very high compared with coated paper. Although coated paper does not have bright colors, the patterns printed with it are more refined and advanced than coated paper.

Matte paper is more expensive and more elegant. Some papers are plain paper and plain paper with more ink and relatively thicker printing ink. Therefore, the drying time is getting longer and more difficult. Unlike copper paper, it is easily deformed. The printed pattern does not have coated paper. The color is bright, but the pattern is more refined and high-end than coated paper.

All in all, when we tehdä meidän oma valokuvakirjojen tulostus, we can determine the paper according to the level of the printed photo kirja. Ordinary photo kirjat are coated with coated paper, while high-end photo kirjat, digital and printing requirements are printed on matte paper.

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