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Katalogin painatuksen suunnittelu ja taitto

Aika: 2021-11-23 Osumat: 6


The main points of the luettelo design are as follow:


1. Atmospheric beauty

Suunnittelu catalogue should take into account its overall beauty. The atmospheric and beautiful luetteloue can give readers a comfortable experience, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.


 2. Unique creativity

Now is an era of pursuing creativity. Creativity can attract more attention. When designing luetteloue, we must integrate unique creativity to increase its attraction.


3. Simple and clear

Generally, the design of the luetteloue should follow the simple route, and its content cannot be long. The content that should be deleted must be deleted, so as to keep the luettelo simple and clear and directly highlight the key points.


Asettelu Ishayoiden opettaman asiakassuhde luetteloue tulostus

Design and printing need to be considered when making a luetteloue. When the designed layout passes the scientific and reasonable layout, it needs to be printed. Before printing, it also needs careful secondary layout. How to arrange the layout of luettelo tulostus?


1. Cutting part

This part is mainly to ensure the integrity of luetteloue printing, because when the luetteloue is printed, a part will be collectively cut on the equipment, so as to ensure that the size of the luettelo is consistent. Therefore, we need to keep the size of the cut part.


 2. Splicing

Suurin osa luetteloUES are designed in the form of folio, while 16 folio is used for printing. At this time, in order to make the luettelo compatible with the equipment, we usually splice each page of the album on a large 16 folio paper, so that it can be compatible on the paper.


 3. Yhdistelmä

Combine the two adjacent pages to ensure that there will be no page confusion in the asiakassuhde luettelo tulostus process, which is also conducive to the later binding.


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