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Why digital sample book quality is different from mass printing book quality?

For sample there are several kinds such as PDF proof, digital sample book, offset printing sample. 


Usually news clients like to see physical sample book feel and touch them feel safer to order us. 

Digital sample is done by digital printing machines. So the printing color and binding way are a little different from mass order books quality. Usually we will send our other offset printing books together let you refer our large machines printing quality and binding quality. If you like our digital sample printing color when mass printing we will try to do color checking as per this digital sample if so there is almost no color difference. If not tell we will print as per your original artwork when mass production. 


While offset printing sample is done by large offset machines such as Heidelberg the sample book same completely as final mass order books. But it is very expensive we donot advise new client choose it. If you can accept the printing cost we are also glad to help. 


We are professional book printing for more than 20years, You just need tell your requirements clearly to us our sales will confirm everything clearly with you before production . The best book will show at your door in time.